3 differences in business culture between Australia and the US

When moving from the USA to Australia to work, or you are moving your business, you should be familiar with their lifestyle and business culture too. Some things are the same, but some are not. What are the differences in business culture between Australia and the US and how to prepare for this change?

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A man exploring differences in business culture between Australia and the US.
Before moving to Australia, know what to expect and how to prepare

3 major differences in business culture between Australia and the US

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Looking for a job in another country, far away from the USA, might be scary, but it will be less stressful when you know what to expect after moving to Australia. Here are some differences you should be prepared to.

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Dress code, meetings, talking, some things are different in Australia


American businesspeople are usually very straight-forward with their opinions during the meetings. They are not afraid to contribute to the discussion and to openly say what they think about the subject, as you probably already know.

Business culture in Australia is more laid-back compared to the USA. But, it does not mean Australians are irresponsible or lazy. Meeting are usually short and people are going right to the point from the beginning. Don’t be aggressive and rude, prepare a small intro before you start a discussion, and know when to speak up.


Chit-chat is the norm in America, even in the business culture. They will chat with complete strangers which can make a warm work environment. Also, this also helps to know your co-workers better. When migrating to Australia from the US, try to practice Australian slang, so you will adjust faster after moving.

In Australia, it is common to hear swear words, but it does mean someone is rude. Don’t take it seriously because it is not a taboo. But,  always be aware of who you are talking to, and don’t use these words in front of conservative clients and people you don’t know.

Business dress code

Dress code in the USA mostly depends on the type of business and where you are working, and of course, location. People in NY are not the same as people from Florida or California. The West Coast tends to be more casual.

One of the differences in business culture between Australia and the US is the dress code too because people in Australia are wearing more formal and conservative clothing in the office. But, the interesting part is that most people wear sandals or flip-flops while traveling to the office, and then they will change their work shoes once they arrive.

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