3 great reasons to downsize your home

There are many reasons why you should downsize your home and the most important one is – your life will be easier. Most Americans can easily downsize without noticing a difference in the quality of life. The recent popularity of the tiny house trend has caused people all over the country to reconsider the benefits of downsizing their living space. You don’t have to go the extreme measures of living out of just three plastic containers and using a composting toilet to live sustainably. As you can see, there are many reasons to consider downsizing, including an empty nest after the kids move out, retirement, or a reduction in income. The bottom line is that a smaller house is easier to maintain.

You will save some money if you downsize your home

While downsizing may not be the best option for everyone, it’s certainly something to consider if you’re looking to save some money and lower your regular outlays of cash. Insurance, taxes, and mortgage payments all rise in tandem with a home’s square footage. A smaller home will cost less to heat and cool and will require less upkeep over time. For example, if you wind up requiring a new roof, the cost of a smaller home versus a suburban mansion will be far lower. Saving money is always a plus. Also if you are moving it will be cheaper with fewer items and you will load a moving truck much easier.

some money
Saving money is just a bonus.

It’s easier

If you’ve been thinking about simplifying your life, now could be the moment to do it. Having a smaller dwelling can be quite freeing psychologically. The larger and more precious an individual’s home becomes, the more control that home has over that individual’s life. There is a direct correlation between the square footage of our home and the amount of emotional and financial commitment we have to it. Spend less money to free your thoughts. You won’t feel as confined by your larger dwelling. Also, you won’t be enticed to amass unnecessary possessions.

Less maintenance once you downsize your home

Cleaning and organizing a tiny home takes a fraction of the time and work required to care for a larger one. Because of this, we now have more time to focus on what really matters to us. U.S. citizens are staying put in their houses for longer than ever before. Of those who are looking to relocate 42% are looking for something more modern and/or spacious. There is a direct correlation between the time and money savings that result from downsizing. If you are packing some of your excess items for storage make sure to find some cost-effective ways to pack them.

A sign saying "cleaning home" as if you downsize your home it will be easier to clean it
Cleaning a home is also much easier.

Where to start?

Start with decluttering. Get rid of excess items that you no longer need and never use. We all have some junk just laying around, especially in the garage, attic, and other spare rooms. When you get rid of excess items you can call removalists to help you with getting rid of the junk.

Don’t worry, you got this. It might look overwhelming right now but start small and work your way up. Start by getting rid of unnecessary items that are on your way. That is the best place to start making your life easier.

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