5 Must-have packing supplies to help you move with ease

Moving a house or an office space often causes stress on many levels. You need to be organized, have enough energy, time and finally – money. However, there are ways to do things that will make everything much easier. One of them is gathering the right packing supplies. If you have everything you need, the packing process will be much faster and stress-free. Here are 5 must-have packing supplies to help you move with ease and pack everything in no time.

A notebook – a way to gather packing supplies to help you move

Yes, a notebook. The key to a successful relocation is organization and planning. Have a simple notebook that will contain all the details of your move. Make an inventory list, which will help you make a list of all the supplies you’ll need , too. Also, use this notebook as a financial planner to compare moving estimates, as well as a checklist of things you need to do.

writing moving plan and the list of packing supplies to help you move with ease

Moving boxes and other containers

Writing the inventory list will help you estimate the number of boxes you’ll need for the relocation and help you prepare for your move in advance. Make sure you get sturdy, damage-free boxes, to avoid additional damage to your items. Also, if you’re trying to save some money, you can always find some free moving boxes or use other items as containers – gym bags, suitcases, drawers, etc.


Make sure you have a lot of duct tape. Don’t try to save on the duct tape, since every box needs to be sealed properly to avoid accidents. We recommend using a tape gun, but also prepare some scissors, too – definitely one of the must-have packing supplies to help you move with comfort.


One of the wise things you can do about packing is to label each box with its contents. You can print out the labels, or simply write what’s in each box. This will help you find certain items after the move, without unpacking each box to see where things are.

moving boxes as packing supplies to help you move with ease
Make sure you get sturdy moving boxes as they are essential packing supplies

An additional step would be color-coding the boxes, which will help the movers put boxes in appropriate rooms – blue boxes are for the kitchen, red-labeled boxes are for the kids’ room, etc.


You can definitely use some of the items you already have to protect fragiles, like sheets or kitchen towels. However, be sure to have some plastic wrap or bubble pack to protect all the gentle items like electronics. You can also collect newspaper – ask your friends or neighbors to save it for you for a couple of weeks and there you have cheap protection for your items.

A dolly is one of the packing supplies to help you move

Last but not the least, one of the must-have packing supplies to help you move with ease. If you need to move heavy boxes and items around the house or to the moving truck, be sure to have a dolly cart to help you out. Also, having floor sliders is a must for heavy furniture. However, we recommend finding reliable movers to avoid getting hurt or damaging your items.

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