5 reasons why international students love Seattle

Do you want to study outside of Australia? What is it like to live and study abroad? It is exciting, hard, fun, everything at the same time. And of course, it has pros and cons too (mostly pros because it is always a good thing to invest in your career and knowledge). If you are considering colleges in Seattle, but you are still having doubts, research reasons why international students love Seattle.

What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Maybe you didn’t know but student life in Australia is not that different from student life in the USA, particularly in Washington State. So, why students want to study abroad? What are the benefits from it and what to expect? Here are some main reasons why students want to move overseas for education.

  • Seeing the world is the main factor. Study abroad program is the best opportunity to see what it’s like outside of Australia. Even if you will move for a month, it is enough time to see something different and fun. Meet new people, try new food, listen to other people’s stories, explore the world and see what it has to offer. Now, it is the best time for it. After college, you probably won’t have time to travel that much. International students love Seattle, but it is not the only city that you can visit.
  • Education is of course another factor. Meet other experts from Seattle, especially if you want to learn more about IT. A lot of high-tech companies are located in Seattle. Also, you will experience different styles of education. No matter where you go, the system will be different than the education system in Australia.
  • Career opportunities will be bigger after moving, even if you will come back to live in Australia, your CV will be richer.
  • Moving abroad for college is a personal development and a life experience. You will learn how to live alone, without old friends and an environment you already know. When you have free time, travel outside of WA, go to other US states, and explore something new.
a woman sitting on the grass with friends.
Experience the world and see what it has to offer

Why international students love Seattle?

Why Australian students are moving to Washington State? And why international students love Seattle? The USA has a lot of cities to offer, and here are some of the reasons why students want to be right here.

  1. Dynamic economy – the city nurtures innovation and that economy in the city is very strong. If you want to stay here, you can consider that options because the job opportunities are on your side.
  2. Tech companies – Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Expedia, Outreach, Getty Images, Big Fish Games, etc. are all located in Seattle. If you are in this field, there is no better place for you.
  3. Art – Seattle is full of art and culture. It is one of the centers for classical performing arts and museums, not to mention its music scene.
  4. Sports fans paradise – if you love American football or want a professional career in this sport, Seattle may be a great option for you. Even if you are not a sports person, you will want to watch the games. Baseball games are also popular and fun.
  5. Amazing nature – Emerald City has amazing nature, that will take your breath away. The climate is mild, which is different from the climate in Australia, so you will need time to adjust.
A view of Seattle at night.
Seattle is fun, interesting, and beautiful

Where to put all your items after moving to Seattle?

Keep in mind that dorm rooms are not too big. If you have a lot of personal items, probably they won’t all fit into your room. Also, during the summer break, most dorm rooms need to be empty, where will you put all those items? What is a solution? Are there any reliable storage services? Yes, you can find a safe place for your stuff for a longer period of time and not so worry about them.

Always research storage services in Seattle and choose the best unit for your belongings. When you look for storage options, contact a few companies. Some of them offer discounts. Luckily for you, Seattle has a lot of options for you to choose from.

According to storage experts at PortaBox Storage, most students rent a storage unit together, to split the costs. Another reason is that usually, students do not have enough items to fulfill the storage unit, and a group of people has enough items for one storage unit. It is an affordable solution and the best one. Especially when you are not from the USA and you don’t live here for a long time.

A student reading why international students love Seattle.
Besides a great education, Seattle will offer a lot more

Organize a relocation early

Moving overseas is stressful and it requires a lot of work, no matter what the reason for moving is. Seattle is one of the nicest West Coast cities and it has a lot to offer, but still, you need to prepare for this big step in your life. The college period will the best period in your life, especially when you are exploring new culture. After getting your scholarship and gathering all the required documents for college, it is time to organize a move from Australia to the USA.

Students are moving with a couple of bags, they are not moving the entire household, but you need to know what to pack when moving for college. Download a moving checklist and you won’t forget a thing. Ask other students that moved overseas for college, how to pack and what items will you need in Seattle.

All international students love Seattle after coming here. It is a new chapter in your life. Take this opportunity to try new things, learn something new about different cultures and traditions, get knowledge, meet different people, etc. Not all people get this opportunity in life, so use the maximum. Get the best education and have fun at the same time. In Seattle, it is possible.

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