A walkthrough to ex-pat communities in Texas

Texas is quickly evolving into one of the most sought-after destinations for those moving from other states. The inexpensive living costs and plentiful job prospects are just two of the many reasons why Texans love their home state so much. Many digital nomads live here nowadays. To experience what it’s like to be a real Texan, people from all over the world go to the Lone Star State, which serves as a cultural melting pot. You surely know all about southern hospitality. But did you know that Texans are very welcoming towards ex-pats? Maybe that is also one of the reasons why so many people are coming here. So, if you’re thinking of making the big move to Texas we can do a little walkthrough to ex-pat communities in Texas.

Fort Worth

Located in North Texas, Fort Worth is a stunning metropolis. People from all over the world are coming here and some of them decide to stay. We get the hype – this place is beautiful and full of opportunities. It has all of Dallas’ metropolitan conveniences without many of that city’s drawbacks, like large violent crime rates, slow growth, and high costs of living. Because TCU, one of Texas’s best institutions, is located in Fort Worth, the city’s workforce benefits from an increase in youth, affluence, and intelligence. The TCU Horned Frogs football team is perennially a top-25 power. Fort Worth also boasts the largest indoor rodeo in the world.

One of the best ex-pat communities in Texas - Fort Worth
We had to start with Fort Worth.

The greenest one – Plano

Having enough greenery is always a plus. When it comes to Texas suburbs that are expat-friendly, Plano is by far the most successful and environmentally friendly. Plano stands head and shoulders above the competition because of its extensive and world-class park system. The majority of Plano’s population (75%) can go to a park within ten minutes on foot or less. Plano has the best overall Quality of Life because of its high median income, low prevalence of crime, and short commute times. Residents in Plano who wish to travel to Dallas for the city’s cultural offerings can do so by taking a short trip south of the city.

You will find a lot of ex-pat communities in Texas, Austin

In the middle of Texas, in a region known for its uniqueness, is the city of Austin. Many foreign and Texan families are raising their kids here. Parents love this city because of the amazing schools and kid-friendly amenities the place has. As the capital of Texas, this city is at the center of political and social upheaval and offers a glimpse into the state’s future for its citizens. Austin has the second-most park space out of any city in Texas. According to Wallethub’s list of the finest gourmet towns in the United States, Austin is home to the best food in Texas, meaning locals can wake up to world-class cuisine before heading out for a run in Zilker Park or a hike in the Greenbelt. This is definitely a place you need to check out. It could be a great place for you and your family (if you are moving here with your family).

Austin, Texas
Austin might be our favorite.


By any measure, Frisco’s growth rates surpass those of any other city in Texas. This place is booming and now is a great time to buy a home there. When compared to other Texas cities, Frisco’s typical household income of $127,133 per year is the highest in the state. Also, Frisco is one of the safest cities in Texas, with the lowest crime rate on this list. To raise a family in comfort and ease, go no further than Frisco. If you need any help with moving to Frisco call statetostatemove.com. There is no reason why you have to handle everything on your own.

Houston, we have no problems here!

As far as major cities go, Houston is as multicultural as any other. Due to the high turnover rate of non-native speakers, it takes little effort to blend in as an alien. The energy sector is a driving force behind Houston’s population boom; most of the city’s major oil and gas corporations are located either downtown or on the west side’s Energy Corridor. We’ve lived in this country for six years, and despite the abundance of people of British, European, Australian, and Scandinavian descent, no one has ever informed us that they “just love our English accents.” No matter where you want to go, every place is within reach you just need to unpack first. Luckily movers can do that for you.

Round Rock

Conveniently located north of Austin is the town of Round Rock. Located in the center of the state, its citizens have a median yearly income of $80,637, making it the fourth highest in the state in all categories. This Austin suburb is ideal for those with technical backgrounds because it provides easy access to the city’s cultural offerings without the hassle of living in the city itself.

parking lot in Texas
We have one more for you, keep reading! It’s a good one.

Last but not least – Irving

One of the most diverse places on the list, this Dallas and Fort Worth suburb has everything you might want.  This is one of the best ex-pat communities in Texas. When compared to Dallas, Irving’s prices are more reasonable, and the city is home to some excellent restaurants. Sixty-four percent of the population is within a short walking distance of a park. Residents benefit from being close to Dallas yet escaping the city’s high rates of crime thanks to the city’s strong economic growth and high median family income of $61,927. Hopefully, this list will help you to find your future home. Make sure to research all of these places before making any decisions. Good luck!

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