Australians moving to Washington, USA: cities you should consider moving to

When moving such a long distance, it’s essential to move somewhere good. People who need to relocate to another continent, often find it hard to pick the best location for their new home. Luckily, we have some good news for all Australians moving to Washington, USA. This article is the only guide you need – it’s the list of the top relocation options for those coming from Australia.

Why move to Washington?

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves why Washington is a great place you should plan your relocation to. First of all, it is known as one of the most beautiful states in the country. People love the nature of Washington, combined with all the other factors that make it a good home. A great economy, a diverse population, and a high-quality lifestyle help people understand why this is a great place to live. Furthermore, many people move here for work, as Seattle has become a tech center and it is home to many huge companies. So, if you’re looking for a place where you can develop your career, enjoy outdoor activities and simply live well – Washington is the place you should go to.

a lake in Washington State
Australians moving to Washington will enjoy amazing natural spots and incredible views.

Australians moving to Washington – where to relocate?

Now it’s time to share the gems of this state with those coming from Australia. These are the best places in Washington where you will adjust much faster.


Located just outside Seattle, this small city has become very popular among new residents in Washington. The biggest advantage of living in this town is the location. You can commute to Seattle, but at the same time live in close proximity to all the best natural spots. This allows residents to spend high-quality free time doing skiing, fishing, and hiking. A friendly community and excellent education options make this place a true gem. And finally, the city has a great service so you don’t need to worry about relocation, string your items, and other common newbie challenges. You can settle down as quickly as possible!

A map of Seattle in Washington, USA
If you’re looking for a place right outside Seattle, Issaquah is a gem to consider.


Another small town right outside Seattle has a lot to offer. Proximity to the city, breathtaking views, amazing restaurants, and the absolute favorite – Lake Washington. All of these will make a great home for Australians moving to Washington, USA.


One more reason why this state is among the most beautiful ones in the country. Spokane is a vibrant city where residents adore spending time outdoors, in parks, along the river, next to a waterfall, etc.

What Australians moving to Washington should know about the move?

There are several things you should focus on if you’re one of the Australians moving to Washington. This will ensure a smooth and stress-free move. Firstly, it’s the organization – make plans in advance and tick the tasks off as you go. Next, it’s essential to get help from an experienced moving company with a great reputation. And finally, get extra space for your possessions in case you’re moving to a smaller home. It’s a common problem for all new residents, which you can easily solve by getting a safe storage unit for your belongings

Be sure to pick the location for your new home according to your personal plans, job requirement, and other preferences. Only then you’ll feel satisfied and be happy to call Washington your new home.

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