Basic regulations when shipping cargo from Australia to Saudi Arabia

Shipping is a complicated and complex process. There are numerous regulations that you need to know about and stick to. You have to follow all the rules and be completely transparent about what you are shipping and where you are shipping to. But not only do you have to know all the regulations of shipping cargo for Australia, but you also have to know the regulations of the country you are shipping goods to. You could get into a lot of trouble if you don’t follow all the rules. This is definitely a situation you don’t want to find yourself in. This is why we decided to write about some of the most basic regulations that you must know when shipping cargo from Australia to Saudi Arabia.

We picked to write about shipping cargo from Australia to Saudi Arabia because a lot of people are shipping goods this way. But in order to stay safe, reading about this simply isn’t enough. Hiring a reliable international transportation company is also very important.

Shipping containers.
Get familiar with the regulations before you start shipping.

What you can export from Australia

The first thing you must know is what you can export from Australia if you want to ship goods via sea without any trouble. You don’t want to have issues at the very beginning of your exporting and shipping. And luckily, you can export plenty of things. But we are talking about the things that you have produced yourself. Here’s what you can export and sell to people anywhere in the world:

  • wool and animal hair
  • meat and beef
  • cereals
  • natural gas
  • coal, iron ore and gold
  • machinery, including computers
  • tourism services
  • education services.

What you can’t export to Saudi Arabia

Now that you know what are the things that you can export from Australia that you have to know what you can export to Saudi Arabia. You of course can’t export dangerous goods. These are substances that could cause someone harm if not packed, secured, and handled properly. You also can’t export biodegradable goods such as food, organic and industrial waste, plants, and seeds. Anything too large to fit on a pallet is a big no among the regulations of exporting to Saudi Arabia. Agricultural equipment, some gym equipment, vehicles, and furniture are all apart of this group sadly. As you can tell, it’s best to hire a company that can tell you which things you can’t ship to Saudi Arabia such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia map.
Saudi Arabia has strict regulations.

You also can’t export anything of high value to Saudi Arabia. Thus, you have to check whether what you are shipping from Australia to Saudi Arabia is compliant with the customs regulations in Saudi Arabia. You must also have in mind that tobacco and alcohol are prohibited.

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