Best Long Island neighborhoods for expats

As a foreigner coming to America, there are a lot of places you can choose to live, but you have decided to live on Long Island. You are not the only one – Long Island has a lot of benefits. The biggest one is that it is part of the New York metropolitan area, but it is not as costly. However, you have to choose the perfect neighborhood for you. Removalists Cairns has a list of the best Long Island neighborhoods for expats.

Best Long Island neighborhoods for expats – Huntington 

The first neighborhood on our list is Huntington in Suffolk County. It is on the Northern Shore of Long Island, with a population of around 200,000 people. Huntington is a mixture of a suburban lifestyle and an active night scene. For expats looking to have an active nightlife after they finish work, you will not struggle to find bars and nightclubs in Huntington.

people dancing in a club
What makes Huntington one of the best Long Island neighborhoods for expats is the nightlife.

But foreigners with families will be happy because schools in Huntington are exceptionally rated, and there are even higher education options. 

In addition to schools, the neighborhood has beautiful beaches where you can spend time with your family. The most popular one is Gold Star Beach Park. So come to Long Island and settle in with professional help from local, long-distance movers. They know the Long Island well and can get you into Huntington fast. 

The one downside of Huntington is the high prices of homes, but if you cannot afford one immediately, rent until you save up. And when you are moving to your new place in Huntington, remember to reduce moving stress.

Expat-friendly Long Island neighborhood – Massapequa

Massapequa is for those expats who are looking to put their family first. The hamlet of Massapequa has a population ten times smaller than Huntington, with 20,000 people living there. With that small of a population, you would be joining an active community if you were to move to Massapequa. 

You do not get only the sense of community in Massapequa, but your kids get to go to the best public schools in Long Island. And if you think that your kids will only look at the gray concrete in Massapequa, think again. 

The hamlet has a lot of greenery where you and your family can stay active during the weekend. 

  • One of the best expat neighborhoods in Long Island has Tackapausha Nature Preserve, where you can take a hike with your kids and look at the beautiful trees and ponds.
  •  Another beautiful place is Massapequa Preserve, where you can see Massapequa Lake and Massapequa Creek. 
man and woman holding hand walking your dog
In Massapequa you have plenty of spaces to go outside with your family.

If you want to move here, you will need professional help. You can find many good movers in Long Island. One of them is State to State Move, who can handle your relocation flawlessly, and if they do not meet your needs, research more.


We told you about the two best Long Island neighborhoods for expats. But Long Island has a lot more to offer, so we suggest you explore it before packing. Once you have found the perfect neighborhood in Long Island and have had your move completed, take care of these things after moving in.

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