Best places in Maryland for Australian ex-pats

Today we will be showing you some of the best places in Maryland for Australian ex-pats. Also, we will try to show you who can help you to get from Australia to Maryland. But first, we need to talk a little bit about Maryland itself and why it is such a popular destination.

Maryland 101

In terms of population, weather, geography, and socioeconomic status, Maryland is the ninth-smallest state in the union, but it has a wide range nonetheless. Despite its small size, this place has a thriving tourism industry and a diverse economy, making it one of the busiest in the country. Residents here are among the wealthiest people in the United States. Living expenses in this state are high, with rent and other outlays being above average. Maryland is steeped in history and remains a forerunner in the twenty-first century despite its many firsts. If you’re thinking about moving to this area, you can take comfort in the fact that it’s impossible to find a better place to live. Now you understand why so many love Maryland.

A person looking at the USA map through a magnifying glass.
Maryland is one of the best states in the USA.

#1 Columbia – one of the best places in Maryland for Australian ex-pats

On’s (back in 2017) list of best places to live and raise a family, Columbia was ranked fourth in the country. The city, which has a population of over 103,000, is regarded as one of the best-planned in the country. It’s understandable in a town where every big and little thing from new construction to the color of your house is strictly regulated. For some people that can be a bit annoying. For many, it can be a great thing.

Even though crime has become an issue in Columbia, the city still attracts businesses. They are looking for educated workers so this place can be a great opportunity for those in search of a job. Families searching for a decent school system also love this place. That prices have remained so low despite the region’s reputation for high prices is perhaps the most surprising aspect of this charming town. The average house in the area is worth 365,500 dollars. That is a good deal. This is a place you should definitely consider.

#2 Seniors favorite – North Potomac

North Potomac has received numerous honors over the years, including Forbes’ designation as one of America’s wealthiest regions and CNN’s designation as “the best spot to live in the country”. Montgomery County’s 24,100-person suburb is virtually crime-free. It also ranks highly in the unemployment rate category, as do all entries on this list. Many seniors love that fact. This is not just a great senior location. Families love it as well.

A high school completion rate of 96%. That makes it the sixth best performing area in a state known for its high standards for public education. North Potomac, unlike Columbia, has a higher than average cost of living. The median home price of $627,000 and the average monthly rent of $2,013. Luckily, the residents are paid well above $150,000 a year. This is one of the most popular places on this coast.

Grandparents with grandkids
Seniors from Australia are often moving here.

#3 Bethesda is the most popular one among Australian ex-pats

There are over 62,000 people living in Bethesda, a wealthy suburb north of Washington D.C. The Bethesda Meeting House, a historic church in Montgomery County, is the source of the town’s name. At some point, Forbes named Bethesda, Maryland, “the most educated small town” in the United States because of its high quality of public schools. It also ranks highly in terms of health, fitness, and income, with an average household income of $144,772. On average, home values in Bethesda are $840,500, which is lower than many other parts of the state. However, Bethesda is more than just a great place to live and learn.

Despite its well-kept appearance, the town’s picturesque downtown is bustling with activity. Throughout the year, Bethesda hosts numerous festivals and special events, so there’s always something fun going on. If you are planning to move to Bethesda make sure to enlist the help of professionals. Movers can make the whole process of settling in much easier. We will talk more about this we have one more place for you!

#4 last but not least – Olney

With a population of 35,100, the town of Olney only reinforces Montgomery’s status as one of Little America’s best counties to call home. One of the best-educated towns in a job-rich area is located in Maryland and Australian ex-pats love it!  With a graduation rate of 96% in public high schools and an award-winning elementary school like Grove Elementary, the district’s school system is also held in high regard by parents and students alike.

Apart from educational issues, Olney is a cultural hub because of its high level of diversity and its dedication to the arts. The Olney Big Band, the Olney Concert Band, and the Olney Theater all call Olney a home. There are also numerous public parks and greenery in the region, making it a great place to go for a walk or spend time with the family on a picnic for example.

Hiring professional movers

Now that we showed you some of the best places in Maryland for Australian ex-pats, we should continue our little talk about movers. Hiring professionals is a must for international relocations. They can be quite difficult and this way you get a hassle-free move. Of course, you will need to find a reliable moving company that can do it like Helix Transfer & Storage.

A professional mover carrying some items.
Movers make relocations much easier.

Before we go

Hopefully, we helped you and pointed you in the right direction. Now all you need to do is choose amongst the best places in Maryland for Australian ex-pats we just showed you. That one is not easy but no matter which place you choose chances are – you will love it there. Just make sure to find the right help for your upcoming relocation.

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