Best Places to Party in Australia

It’s no secret that a lot of people really enjoy going out. The sound of music, the crowds, dancing until the morning light… It’s something that they can’t live without. But not every city offers the nightlife that can give them this. So, if you are planning on moving to Australia, and you like going out, keep on reading. Here are some of the best places to party in Australia. You are sure to have the best nights of your life in any of these.

Best places to party in Australia

You might be wondering if your new city will have the nightlife options that you need. And even though people in Australia like to party, it’s important to know the exact location. So you can visit your new city and find some great party places while learning how to get around in a new city. Or you can take a look at these places and have a head start.

  • Gold Coast
  • Melbourne
  • Sidney
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Cairns
  • Magnetic Island

Gold Coast

In Queensland, there is a city with golden coastlines, hence the name. And, just behind of the perfect beaches, Surfers Paradise, you’ll find great nightlife options. A strip of clubs, bars, restaurants, and theme parks will keep you busy on any day or night. You can start with “Tha Beery” or Surfers Paradise Beer Garden and continue on to the hot clubs on Orchard Avenue. Since a lot of great clubs are located here, it’s not hard to check them all out in one or two nights. After you’re done with the partying, you can head to the beach and enjoy the sunrise and see why the Surfers Paradise is a golden beach indeed.

Gold Coast, Australia.
You can watch as the sun comes up, right after your wild night out


Melbourne is the center of hipster culture and art. But also, you can get good food and a great night out here. From street art and wild nightlife to chic and fancy bars, Melbourne has it all. If you’re looking for a party, these are the streets to go to:

  • Smith Street and the Brunswick streets are for the young and hip crowd
  • Chapel Street

On Smith Street, you’ll find Yah Yahs, a popular local club that’s open until 5 AM, so you can go there when everything else closes.


Sidney is famous for its culture, but there are many places here where you can have fun after spending the whole day on the beach. It has it all-from casinos, to bars and clubs. If you want to be surprised, go to Scruffy Murphy and you’ll find something different every night, from karaoke to live music. However, if you like bowling, you should check out the Standard bowl bar and club. If you want to watch a good performance while having your drink, check out the World bar. But, if you’re a fan of art-deco and you like to dance, Club Soho should be the next on your list.


Brisbane offers various options for nightlife, from fancy nightclubs to Irish Pubs. In addition to these, the Eagle Street pier is where you’ll find a strip of restaurants and clubs. This is where people go out on Friday nights, after their work, to relax a bit. Check out some of the great Irish pubs here and you won’t be disappointed.


In Perth, you can enjoy many waterfront and rooftop bars. You can enjoy the cocktail in the Bar Lafayette, or a good craft beer at a rooftop bar. Or head to Rottnest Island to have a good drink and enjoy good music. Or if your idea of a night out is more chill, you can go to an outdoor cinema where you can have a great ice cream. So, as you can see, there are plenty of options in Perth, it’s up to you to decide how your night is going to be like.

Perth at night.
It’s up to you to decide


While it’s not as famous as other locations on this list, it’s definitely one of the best cities to party in Australia. And it’s also one of the most budget-friendly locations on the list. You should consider this city if you’re looking to have wonderful beaches and wild nights all in one. There are many hostels, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs here. You should check out Gilligan’s, Nomads, or Calypso, for example. Here it’s all about hostel bars, where you can simply come over and stay for a beer or two.

Magnetic Island

When Captain James Cook was on the way to discover the land of Oz, this island had a specific effect on the needle of his compass. Nowadays, the island attracts people who want to have fun at the Full Moon Party. DJs from all around spin their tunes on the beach and more than 3000 people come every night to enjoy them. Just imagine dancing around the fire as the sun comes up. This is why Magnetic Island is one of the best places to party in Australia.

Hands in the air and confetti.
Have the time of your life at the Full Moon Party


It’s true that when thinking the best places to party in Australia, your mind doesn’t think of shacks posing as bars out here in the Outback. If you grow to like the “party” life in the Outback, you don’t need to transport your gym equipment here, as people don’t really pay attention if you’re fit or not in these places. But, you should definitely visit them, as it will be something to remember. You can visit the Daly Water pub, located in the town with the same name. Or go to Townsville and check out Prarie Hotel, where you can have a meal and drink a good cold beer.

Experience the nightlife

After you experience what Australia has to offer, you won’t think about moving to New York from Australia, or to any other location that has good nightlife options. But, the harder part is choosing only one of these best places to party in Australia. So, why not do research as a part of your moving preparations. Take a visit and experience the nightlife in one of these cities. For the sake of the research, of course.

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