Common questions families have when moving from Australia to Florida

Moving from Australia to Florida is a pretty big step for you and your family. That’s, why we are here to answer some of the most common questions others in your position, have already asked. This can be a great learning experience for you. But of course, don’t stop here after reading what we have to say about this relocation. Continue your research. The more you know, the better you will be prepared and you will have fewer chances to make moving mistakes as others did.

How will I adapt?

Florida is much different than Australia but that doesn’t mean you will have a hard time adapting there. You already know the language. Also, you obviously can handle hot weather. You will also have amazing beaches and chances are you are not afraid of bugs. People in Florida are just as friendly and surely your new neighbors will help you with your adaptation process so, don’t worry. Ex-pats that speak language usually do just fine in Florida and fit right in.

Choosing the city

This is a hard one. Every city in Florida has something great about it. But one city stands out  – Miami. This city has it all from job opportunities to great schools and charming places to enjoy on your days off. This is the reason why most people come here. You can go downtown if you like the city hassle or you can pick a suburban area nearby and enjoy your pice and quiet while still technically living in Miami. The choice is yours.

Miami, the city is a perfect choice for a new home after moving from Australia to Florida.
Miami is the most amazing city in Florida.

DIY it or hire movers?

This is the most common question families have when moving from Australia to Florida. You can do everything on your own. Many people do it that way. But you should know that there will be a lot of planning, preparations and logistics involved. You will also need to deal with customs and if something goes wrong or things start getting delayed it can actually be more expensive. This is the reason why it’s always best to hire movers for cross-country or cross-continent relocations. This is the easiest and safest way. Movers like City Movers have experience in this field.

A couple packing for relocation
Movers can help you with all aspects of your upcoming relocation.

How much time do I need for this?

Moving from Australia to Florida will take only a day or a two – for you at least. But the whole process can take up to three months. Even more now when the pandemic is still very problematic. That’s why, to handle moving stress successfully, you should start preparing and get your documentation sorted out and plan this journey as soon as possible. Of course, if you hire movers that will speed things up but still you should start with your preparations as soon as possible. There are plenty of things to do before your process of moving from Australia to Florida.

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