Complete timeline for Australia to California relocation

Every relocation has multiple parts that need to be done before the moving day. And the best way to do them is if you have a timeline for them. Timing is very important, and so is completing everything before the moving day. Australia to California relocation is quite a long one, so this means you will probably need more time to make everything ready for the move. However, it is very important that you don’t start panicking and that you just follow our tips. We will prepare you for each month before the relocation. At least for the essential parts of it. And one of them is finding the right city. There are expat-friendly places in Cali, just like there are expat cities in Australia.

The first moment to start preparing for Australia to California relocation is three months before

No matter at what moment you decide that you want to relocate, you should start preparing three months before. It will be enough time to finish everything that you need to. The first up on your list is going to be purging. It is like decluttering before the move. This is a perfect moment to donate some items if you want to, or even sell some furniture or other items. But not only that. You certainly have some broken things that are not so functional anymore. So consider this a perfect time to throw them out.

Even though it might make no sense right now, this would be a great time to collect all the packing supplies you will need for the following days. So prepare yourself to get a lot of boxes, wrapping papers, tapes, and packing papers. You could also decide if you want to use plastic or cardboard boxes. And, of course, don’t forget that now is the time when you need to set your budget. Make a plan for all the finances and keep track of that plan. Furthermore, don’t forget that to make moving from Australia to California a reality, you’ll need to find assistance in the area. And by assistance in the area, of course, we are referring to Californian movers that know the state like the back of their hand.

Hollywood sign through leaves of palms.
Relocation to California is a dream come true for everyone.

Six weeks before the moving day is the time for deciding and researching

Now that you made your first preparations for the relocation, it is time to do something else. When you are six weeks away from your relocation, you should make some decisions about the relocation. For instance, you need to decide how you will actually move and get from Australia to California. Or in other words, it is time to research what kind of moving companies are around you and if you can find the one that can offer you what you need exactly. And a small reminder, if you didn’t throw away things that you prepared to throw, this is when you absolutely need to do it. The same is for donations. After you finish that part, you can focus on other essential supplies you will need during this relocation.

When you are just a month away from getting to California, you have other obligations

As time passes by, your obligations will be more different. Now that you only have one more month before the relocation, it is time to inform your friends and family. And also to spread the word around. This means you should notify the utility companies, bank, insurance company, and whoever else should know this. You’ll need to update your address, too. Also, you could start writing down ideas for the furniture. Decide if you want to relocate your furniture or if you want to buy new pieces when you get to California. The entire relocation would be cheaper if you didn’t have furniture relocating together with the rest of your things. Still, if you decide you want your furniture pieces to accompany you on this relocation, know that experienced moving companies like Family Affair Moving know how to handle the transport the right way.

Golden Gate bridge in San Fancisco.
When you get the idea of Australia to California relocation, make sure you explore the place properly.

You are now just three weeks away from leaving Australia

When you are three weeks away from the moving day, it is a perfect time to start packing. If you are not taking packing services and want to do it on your own. You will have more than enough time to pack everything. Just do it room by room and in order of usage. Let the last one be the one that you use the most. You can slowly start focusing on preparing yourself for how to avoid culture shock once you arrive in California.

Your Australia to California relocation will happen in just one week

Being a week away means that you don’t have too many obligations anymore. This is the time that you should use spending time with your friends and family. The only obligation that you will have is to clean the entire house before you move out. It would be wrong not to do it. For sure, if you don’t feel like doing it and you have other obligations that are your priority, you should hire someone to do it. But remember that you will have to clean a new home once you get there. So maybe you should clean both of them.

Exploring a beach after Australia to California relocation.
There are beaches in Australia, but they are not the same as the ones in Cali.

And the moving day has finally arrived

As these three months passed by, you were doing so many things. But all these obligations that you had were necessary for this relocation. Since your Australia to California relocation lasted long, and it was overwhelming at some moments, you deserve to enjoy the experience now. Your movers will handle the rest. When you arrive at your new home, don’t focus on unpacking right away. It is better to go out and explore. There will be enough time to unpack and arrange your new home exactly how you would like. So go out and meet your new neighbors and explore new surroundings. You will appreciate it more than sitting at home the first days when you still don’t have obligations.

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