Cost-effective green packing tips

Packing your home for a move means having to purchase packing supplies. Surely you do have some supplies at home that you can use but that won’t be enough. Especially if you are moving long distances. You also have to have in mind that purchasing packing supplies is not as cheap as one might think it is. There are plenty of things that you need. And if moving with a family and packing a lot of things, you are going to need a lot of packing supplies. Sadly, most packing supplies are not eco-friendly. This is why we wrote this guide to cost-effective green packing with plenty of useful tips that you are going to need in order to pack up your home and relocate everything without having anything damaged or the planet more polluted.

What are you going to need?

Let us begin by telling you what are some of the packing supplies you are going to need. You will surely need boxes. Boxes come in various sizes and shapes. It is best to either choose a universal size that you believe will be able to handle anything that you own or simply purchase boxes or the sizes and shapes you need them to be.  This is the best way to have a sustainable relocation.

Choose the boxes of the right sizes.

You will also need something to secure the boxes with when you pack them up. People usually use packing tape. But that is not very green. It causes a lot of pollution as it is plastic. You also need something to protect fragile items with. Bubble pack and packing peanuts are most commonly used. But as you are looking to stay green, you have to find alternatives.

The alternatives

As you need cost-effective green packing supplies, you need to find the alternatives to supplies that are generally used. Cardboard boxes are something you need the most of. You can purchase ones made out of recycled materials. Instead of packing tape, you can use rope made out of recycled bottles. This rope is good to use as it doesn’t break easily. It is very cheap as it is made from plastic bottles that can be found anywhere.

recycle box.
There are cost-effective green packing supplies that you can use.

Instead of bubble pack, you can use cloth. You can use our clothing, bedding, towels. You don’t even have to spend money. Just make sure you wash everything after the move because of the dust. Packing peanuts are not something you need but they are not a bad thing to have. You can find eco-friendly packing peanuts. They are bio-degradable which is a huge plus.

You also have plenty of things that you can use for packing at home. Backpacks, bags, suitcases. You can use any of them to pack up your home for the relocation that is ahead of you. You can even borrow something from friends and family in order to spend even less money on packing supplies and to protect the planet even more.

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