East coast cities with the biggest expat communities 

The American east coast has many different cities suitable for expats. Going from the south to the north, you will find various communities with unique lifestyles. If you choose a state like Florida, you will be in the sun most of the year. But as you move north, it will get colder. Main has the lowest temperatures on the Atlantic Coast. Most popular cities on the U. S East coast will be diverse and accepting of new people. Some of them can be quite expensive and others affordable. So let’s learn about East coast cities with the biggest expat communities. 

Alexandria is first on our list of East coast cities with the biggest expat communities.

Alexandria is a city in Virginia with a population of about 159,000, according to the 2020 U.S census. It is on the Potomac River.

Alexandria is approximately 11 miles away from downtown Washington, D.C. Because Alexandria is close to the American capital, it was affected by it.

Most of the jobs in Alexandria are well-paid government jobs. The average median home income in Alexandria is about 100,000 dollars. But to get a job in Alexandria, you will need to be well educated. Over 60% of Alexandria’s adult population over 25 has at least a bachelor’s degree to their name.

Even though closes to Washington, D.C has its benefits, it also has cons. Because Alexandria is close to Washington, the cost of living is higher than the rest of Virginia. The prices thing in Alexandria is the real estate market. In some are in Alexandria, you will have to pay double the price compared to the rest of the state. 

an image of a white building near body of water, Lincoln Memorial
Washington D.C has a substantial influence on Alexandria.

Even though the city is pricey, it has a lot of activities to offer. To provide its citizens with organic and fresh food it there are many community gardens. If you want to support your local businesses, go to one of many farmers’ markets where you can buy the best ingredients. And if you desire to go outside, there are about 900 acres of parks. There you can take your dog for a walk or enjoy a picnic outdoors. 

Old Town Alexandria

Finally, the gem of Alexandria is Old Town, right on the bank of the Potomac Rivers. There you can enjoy some old architecture mixed in with the modern buildings. Many locals gather there to shop and have a bit to eat. Since real estate is pricy in Alexandria, you might need a secure facility for your belongings – a local Alexandria storage company is your best bet. They offer storage for different types of belongings. So you can be sure that whatever you want to store will be protected. 

Orlando is second on our list of East coast cities with the biggest expat communities

Orlando is the center of Orange County, with a population of about 300,000. Let’s learn about why Orlando is suitable for expats: 

  • First, fifteen percent of Orlando’s population are expats. A large number of expats makes it one of the east coast cities with the biggest expat communities.
  • Second, there are many opportunities to get a job in Orlando. Significant employers in Orlando are hi-tech companies. Other parts of Orlando’s economy are film, television, and entertainment. Universal Studios, Disney’s Hollywood Studios are what make the entertainments industry flourish in Orlando. Healthcare is another industry that employs many Orlandians. But the driving force in Orlando’s economy is tourism. The City Beautiful is one of the most visited cities by tourists in the world. Known as the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’, you can attend – Fun Spot America, Walt Disney World, Legoland, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando.
  • Third, the cost of living is reasonable. It is a little bit over the Florida average. 
  • Finally, when it comes to where to spend free time, Orlando got you covered. The art and culture scene is vibrant. There are many museums and galleries. If you want something to eat, you will have a plethora of choices. Do not go to well-known restaurants. Look for those whole-in-the-wall places that will change your view on dining out.
an image of a blue and white globe over a fountain with a sign that says Universal
Many tourists come to Orlando to see Universal Studios.

So if you like what Orlando has to offer, relocate there but learn packing and moving tips for your easiest relocation ever.  

Gaithersburg, MD

Located in Montgomery Country Gaithersburg, MD, is the smallest city in this article with a population of approximately 65,000. Gaithersburg is not as close to Washington as Alexandria, but it is to get by interstate 270. You can work in Washington, and when the workday is over, you can get back to the quiet town of Gaithersburg. You can get a Washington salary and leave in Gaithersburg, which is a lot cheaper.

But you might not have to commute to Washington Gaithersburg offers many job opportunities. The top employers in Gaithersburg are AstraZeneca, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. When it comes to living in this city, it is a bit more expensive than the rest of Maryland. 

Gaithersburg offers many recreational activities. If you want to swim, visit the local Aquatic Center. For those interested in art and history, there is a Community Museum. Eating healthy is not hard in Gaithersburg. Visit the local farmer’s markets and buy fresh groceries. People looking for activity can play gold and spend time outside in the parks and fields. The community organizes concerts and plays, and there are regular film screenings.  

group of people in front of a stage
Gaithersburg, one of the east coast cities with the biggest expat communities, organizes concerts its citizens.

As you can see, Gaithersburg is suitable for expats because of its job opportunities and recreational activities. When you move here and need a place for items you don’t use often – local Gaithersburg storage is your best option. Firstly, they will get you the storage that best fits your needs. Finally, when it’s time to move your things in the unit, they will handle all the work themselves. 

Conclusion east coast cities with the biggest expat communities

We have showcased some of the best east coast cities with the biggest expat communities. We hope this article helps you find your new home. Remember to keep your new home clean and organized. Good luck!

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