Essential tips for moving from Hong Kong to Australia with your pet

Australia is a great destination to move to with pets. The continent is pet friendly and offers an array of open spaces for pets and can guarantee that you will have a great time here with your pets. However, Australia inforces one of the stringent laws regarding pet import and relocation. This regulation was put in place to safeguard local flora and fauna and is strictly enforced. So, when moving with your whole family and with your pats it is advisable to get acquainted with the regulation. Here, we will use the opportunity to cover moving from Hong Kong to Australia with your pet.

Start planning on time

Before starting your move and hiring to handle the process you should get to know the process of moving pets into Australia. The process is not simple but it is not too demanding. It’s your beloved pet after all so you will invest some time and effort to get it ready for the move. There are certain biosecurity rules to abide by as well as some health checks and documentation to provide.

A cangaroo
To protect the indigenous flora and fauna, Australia imposes strict animal import rules

The main rule is that cats and dogs can be imported only from approved countries. They must be healthy and not under quarantine while moving in. At the same time, these pets must be residents of the country from which there are moving to Australia for at least 90 days. All animals must go through a 10-day quarantine provided that they meet all other requirements are. These rules are enforced whether you are moving from Hong Kong to Australia with your pet to from any other country. In addition, all animals must:

  • Have a microchip
  • Vaccinations
  • Import permits
  • Health tests and treatments
  • Certificate


Pets must have an adequate microchip that biosecurity officials can scan and read. All pets must have an ISO 11784/11785 microchip implant. This microchip ID number must be part of any documentation accompanying the animal.


As Hong Kong is a category III country all animals must have valid rabies vaccinations after the implantation of the chip. Pets from Hong kong must also have a clear rabies test four weeks after the vaccination. The pet is eligible to enter the state after 180 days of the testing. All dogs also must have vaccinations for distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and bordetella. Cats also must-have vaccines against feline enteritis, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus.


All pets must have an import permit. this is the document that takes 20 days to process and issue if the documentation is complete. The authorities issue this permit only based on the application including complete documentation regarding rabies shots and tests as well as vaccination history. As this documentation is of paramount importance a good idea is to hire a pet mover. These companies will ensure that all of your documents are in order. Proper professional assistance is a must to provide a complete dossier that will make your pet import go without a hitch.

A pack of doge only cats and dogs are alowed when moving from Hong Kong to Australia with your pet
Keep in mind when moving from Hong Kong to Australia with your pet that exotic animals can’t get into Australia

Test and treatment

All animals also must-have treatment against internal parasites twice before entering the country.


The health certificate must be provided on entry. It is a certificate that is a result of a clinical examination at least 5 days before the trip. This certificate must provide evidence that the pet is clear of parasites and diseases as well as details of vaccination history and other health tests.

A complex process requires timely prep

Other species, and moving in with exotic pets are not allowed. So moving from Hong Kong to Australia with your pet can be a complex process but it doesn’t have to be too difficult. With proper preparation, knowledge of the regulations, and professional help you can do it relatively easily.

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