Expats’ guide to Mississippi: all you need to know before arrival

Mississippi is a state which is located in the region of the United States. It has a population of about 2,970,500 people. Relocating and working in Mississippi will give you a lot of possibilities. The best way to describe the climate in Mississippi is a humid subtropical climate with hot summers. Some of the most popular tourist destinations are Gulf Islands National Seashore, Tupelo Automobile Museum, USS Cairo Museum at Vicksburg National Military Park, The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies, and more. To adjust faster after moving, you will need an expats’ guide to Mississippi, so you will know what to expect after moving.

Many people after moving overseas are confused and don’t know how to continue with life. Having a simple guide to follow will make the adjusting period much easier for you. Also, besides that, make sure to prepare and organize international moving. Moving from Australia to Mississippi will be complicated, especially if you need to organize a family relocation between these two countries. It is a big change in life, and a big step, so, do everything that may help you with this process. Even if you are moving from another state in the USA to MS, it will be challenging.

Expats' guide to Mississippi and a checklist for moving.
Have a checklist besides a guide when moving

A simple expats’ guide to Mississippi

The best way for relocating to another state or in this case to Mississippi is to gather all information before relocating process and choosing the right moving company.  To choose one of the best companies for your relocation, you need to visit many websites, and one of them is spydermoving.com which is great for doing its job. Before choosing the right company, make sure to double-check details, just to be sure that everything is verified. Hiring the moving company to help you relocate is important, all your items will be in their hands. A company must be licensed and insured.

USA flag.
Moving to the USA will be exciting but stressful too

Where to move to Mississippi?

Choosing the right place for your relocation process can be hard, but we are going to give you some samples of the best town to settle in Mississippi.

  • Madison
  • Ridgeland
  • Flowood
  • Ocean Springs
  • Clinton
  • Oxford

When people are moving for the first time to a foreign state, some of them make a mistake when choosing a city. Or they need a big or a smaller home. Or they want to move to another neighborhood. In this case, the best option is to hire a local moving company. Because they already know this area, while you don’t. It’s best to engage experts and you will relocate locally stress-free and with ease. Choosing the right location for you where to move to is already half of the job, but not the only task you have to finish.

Try to explore your new home as much as you can. If you are able to, visit it and see if you can live there or not. Luckily, MS is a big state with many different and beautiful places to call home. It is fun, also, there are many apps that can help you explore your new neighborhood. Research expats’ guide to Mississippi and try to make a game from moving and packing.

What do you need to know about MS before moving there?

Besides choosing a place where to move to, picking a new home, packing and transporting your belongings, explore MS and see what it has to offer. What is it like to live there? Know these things before you move there, so you will adapt faster. Life in a new state won’t be easy at all. There are things you should do after moving in, but also, there are things you should do before moving in, and here are some facts you should know about.

  • Climate and nature – if you like hot weather and want to avoid snowy and cold days, MS is a place for you. But, thunderstorms and hurricanes may be something new for you. Nature is amazing and it will take your breath away, especially the Mississippi River.
  • Education – if you are moving to MS with kids, education is one of the things to research before arriving here. Luckily, it has more than 50 colleges and schools. Jackson city is home to most of them.
  • Costs of living – the costs of living in MS are lower than the national average. It is one of the biggest advantages of living here. 15% lower is a big difference. Expats mostly worry about finances and how will they manage a monthly budget. Having an expats’ guide to Mississippi, plus the costs of living here “by your side”, you should not have a problem.
  • Home buying – buying or renting is not that expensive in MS. Of course, it mostly depends on the city where you will live, but overall, prices are not too high. The median rent per month is around $750.
Moving boxes.
Pack and make a plan how to transport your items MS

Pros of moving to MS

Why should you move to Mississippi and what this state has to offer? Ask other people who live there for advice and opinion. In the era of the internet, you can find a lot of info about a city, state, county, town, suburb, etc.

  • Very low costs of living all across the state. Housing costs, transportation, utilities, everything is cheaper in MS
  • Great outdoors – magnolia trees, beaches,  Mississippi River, etc.
  • Education is affordable and there are plenty of school options
  • A slower pace of life and people are very friendly and welcoming. MS is known for its southern hospitality
  • Food is taken seriously in MS, it is delicious. Fried catfish to po’boys to biscuits and gravy,  cornbread, gumbo…
  • If you love blues, MS is the birthplace of this music genre. Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Elvis Presley, B.B King, they were all from MS

With this expats’ guide to Mississippi, your relocation will be a little bit easier. Choose a place, find an apartment or a house, research reliable moving companies, explore this state, move in and enjoy a new life.

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