Filing claims against moving companies 101

Most people consider hiring professional movers to be a luxury. We do not agree. It seems like a necessity often. Even the most seasoned moving companies make blunders that result in customers filing claims. Don’t panic if you’re on the home stretch of your trip and are too busy preparing to move into your new house to think about damage protocol. After the move is finished, we’ll explain the process of filing claims against moving companies for any missing or broken items.

Document everything – if necessary take pictures

You may discover damage to your belongings while the movers unload the vehicle. Don’t freak out if this happens to you. Expenses incurred due to property damage are sadly prevalent when using relocation services. You should instead have the driver make a note of the damage to each item when he or she unloads the truck. Pictures taken throughout the way are also highly recommended.

A young girl smiling and taking a picture with her mobile phone.
You can take pictures with just your phone.

Do you understand your insurance coverage?

This is something that can add quite a lot to your moving stress. Before making any calls, you should review your coverage details. You’ll have an accurate picture of what your movers’ responsibilities will be from the get-go. You need to decide between released-value (basic) protection and full-value protection when you booked your relocation. The first is typically offered at no added charge. Whereas the second one can be rather pricey. But it does provide substantially more coverage. Obviously, that depends on the scope of your relocation.

The easy part

This is the easy part. Anything broken – leave. Don’t touch it at all. Consider that the moving firm can’t tell how much damage was caused by them versus by you if you touch anything after discovering a problem. That is to say, they will have an easier time denying your claim for damages and without compensating you for your losses. Having your removalists available on moving day makes it simple to leave all of your broken household items (along with the associated boxes and packing materials) in a single location. Keep your hands off it while a claims investigator has finished their investigation.

A broken phone which symbolises the necessity of filing claims against moving companies due to damaged items
This is a very important step when filing claims.

Providing details

Your mover’s claims department will contact you after you file your claim. They just want to ask questions. They need to know as much information as you can provide. You will be “proving” your moving company’s liability for the losses you incurred during the relocation.

Communicating with the department of compliments is likely the most difficult component of submitting a claim. This implies that you should always have your contract as well as any proof of value for the damaged or missing things on hand whenever you interact with your transport company and their adjusters. To help you decide what constitutes “evidence of worth,” consider invoices, bills, reports, cash receipts of sale, and certified appraisal records.

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