Guide to family relocation from Hong Kong to Australia

So, the time has come for you to pack up and leave Hong Kong for Australia. You’re bringing your family along, too? It sounds a bit stressful if you ask us. We’re just kidding. With some helpful tips and tricks, you’ll relocate without getting a couple of gray ones. You’re also bringing your pets along? No worries. That can be done also, with minimum nerve-racking situations. Now, leaving the place where you’ve lived for quite some time can sometimes get you into some serious nostalgic mood. That’s only natural. As soon as you adapt to your new Australian surrounding, those feelings will be almost history. Shall we get started? Here’s a quick guide to family relocation from Hong Kong to Australia.

Family relocation – a time for some bonding

There’s not a more practical, yet emotional thing to do as a family. You should involve every member in the process of preparing for the relocation according to their possibilities. You’re probably wondering how will the whole relocation ordeal affect your young ones? Well, involving them in preparations for the move is guaranteed to make them feel less sad, some research says. Also, you can invite some of your old colleagues or friends to help you pack. It’s a really nice occasion for everyone to get together. There are also other nice occasions for a get-together. More about that below.

A family having breakfast before a family relocation from Hong Kong to Australia.
Involve the whole family in process of preparing for a move. It’s really a nice occasion for some family work.

Handle the stress of international relocation

International relocation is certainly no piece of cake. You don’t want to lose your hair over the relocation, right? That’s why you’ll need some help from professionals. But, before contacting them you’ll need to prepare. Pack ahead of time, take care of all the bills, etc. Once you’ve done all of that, find a reliable moving provider. As you will have a chance to see, it doesn’t have to be frustrating. The most important thing you should do is to take your time. Don’t do everything at the last minute. As we’ve already mentioned international relocation is no piece of cake. Just make sure you do everything ahead of time.

Organize an old fashioned farewell party before your family relocation from Hong Kong to Australia

Here’s another tip you’ll find very useful when it comes to letting off some stress. Organizing an old-fashioned farewell party is a way to go. It always was, it always will be. It’s really a nice way to say goodbye to the old neighborhood. The kids will simply adore the idea, do not doubt that. Take some time to relax with your friends before you begin the process of relocating to Australia. It doesn’t have to be huge. Invite your closest friends and their children. Well, we’re not going to tell you who to invite. Sorry about that.

A backyard dinner party.
Organize an old-fashioned farewell get-together for your friends and family. Your kids will adore the idea.

Moving with pets? No worries.

A family relocation does not exclude pets, since they’re members of the family in most cases. Here’s what you need to do in order to successfully da a relocation from Hong Kong to Australia with a furry family member. First of all – make sure your pet is vaccinated, and that you have all the documents the country you’re moving to requires. Also, many countries demand you put your pet into quarantine for a few days. Next up, you’ll need to call a professional moving crew to handle the task with utmost care. They’ll make sure your pet reaches the desired destination without a scratch. Guys from the moving crew know that pets are more valuable than anything else you’re relocating to Australia.

A dog in a box.
Pets are your most valuable possessions if they even deserve to be called like that. They’re members of the family.

Hire the right moving company for the task

The best way to ensure your family’s belongings will have a safe trip across the Indian Ocean is to hire quality moving providers. There’s basically no alternative to this since you’re relocating internationally. Hong Kong, being an international port, is known for some really experienced movers. For example, feel free to contact Relosmart Movers. You’ll see what we’re talking about. You really don’t want to put your possessions into unstable hands. Folks who’ve gone through that kind of experience will surely tell you to avoid sketchy providers. Although that is really hard to happen in Hong Kong, it’s good you have some friendly suggestions. We’ve just given you one.

Keep in touch with old friends/meet new friends

Once you get to Australia, don’t lose touch with the old Hong Kong gang. Motivate your kids to keep friendships made while living there. It’s very important they learn the value of friendship at an early age. They’ll grow up into responsible individuals. Also, try to make some new friends. If they have children, even better. Your kids will have pals, too. Take your family for an evening walk around your new block. Who knows what might happen? At the same time, you’ll get to know the area as a family and you’ll adapt more quickly.

A quick walkthrough

So, we’re nearing the end of this guide. Let’s do a quick walkthrough. First things first, make some plans. Involve your family and friends as much as you can. Try to handle the stress by doing a couple of things. Plan everything ahead of time. Don’t do anything at the last minute. When the moving crew knocks on your door, you’ll need to be ready. Also, why don’t you organize a good old farewell party? It’s really a nice occasion to get together with all the friends you’re leaving back in Hong Kong. Your kids will love the idea, believe us. Little ones are always excited when adults party. If you’re moving with pets, don’t you worry. Just make sure they’re meeting the security requirements made by the state you’re moving to. As always, hire the best moving provider you can find to do the task of relocation from Hong Kong to Australia.

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