Guide to planning a family relocation from the US to Australia

Every relocation is a process that needs to be planned in detail, especially an overseas one. Without good movers and a good plan you won’t be able to keep everything in order. So, preparation should be done in advance. When you are prepared for everything, you can easily avoid some unwanted situations and you can prevent mistakes. So yes, planning a family relocation from the US to Australia is very important. There will be plenty of things to do before moving to Australia this summer. Discover each one of them and get ready for this relocation.

You can’t start planning a family relocation from the US to Australia if you don’t have a valid reason to go there

At some point, everyone would like to relocate somewhere in the world. But to be able to do so, you need a valid reason. The best way to relocate to Australia is to get a new job over there. When you find a work opportunity, everything will be faster and easier to finish. Both documents, and the relocation. Of course, if you are into surfing, and all different kinds of animals, that can be your reason, as well. But not the main one. It won’t be enough for a relocation. So, the best thing that you can do is to find a new job, so you can start the whole process.

Only when you get the job, and you start working on your documents, you can check out some moving websites such as to find a proper moving company. Relocating overseas is not something that all companies offer, so, you need to find the right one.

Passport being prepared as one of the first things to think about when planning a family relocation from the US to Australia.
When you are planning a family relocation from the US to Australia, you need to get a visa and update your documents.

It is very important that you apply for a visa

Many people that have American citizenship assume that they don’t need a visa to enter Australia. But that isn’t true. To get to Australia, you will need a visa. It would be best if you could call the embassy and discuss with them how you can apply for one.

This is also one of the reasons why it is important to get a job. When you have written proof that you have an employer in Australia, it will be much easier to get a visa. And there is a chance that you will get it for a longer period of time. Only once you’ve secured actually going to the land of kangaroos and koala bears can you start planning a relocation to Australia, from whichever state in the United States.

Get the movers’ assistance

Relocating from the US to Australia is not the case where you can have a DIY relocation. Especially not when you are planning to relocate your entire family. After your visa and all additional documents are done, it is time to focus on the relocation itself. And the first step of that is to find a proper moving company. As you know, not all companies can relocate you overseas. So, the choice will be limited. And the sooner you start looking, the better your chances of finding the adequate one. You need to set the exact date and time. And you need to know your moving budget. Everything will depend on the number of things that you have to transfer.

You need to gather the right supplies, in addition, to packing properly. Using cardboard boxes is not the smartest choice, since it is quite a long relocation. In this case, you need to look for plastic boxes, that are reusable, and you can use them in many ways once the relocation is done.

Mover leaning on a moving van.
You won’t be able to relocate unless you hire professionals.

Decide what to pack and what to leave behind

Choosing the right moving supplies is not enough. You need to know that the more things you pack, the more expensive your relocation will be. Normally, movers charge you according to the amount and weight of the things that you are transporting. However, that is not the only reason. You need to be aware of the fact that you are moving overseas. And there is no need to bring so many things there. You will end up buying new things either way. And you will only make unnecessary clutter this way.

So, to prevent all these problems, simply choose what to leave behind. You can always throw everything away, but you can also make a garage sale, or you can donate things to someone who needs them. There are plenty of options, you just need to choose one. When you are planning a family relocation from the US to Australia, you need to think about these things.

Planning a family relocation from the US to Australia will be impossible if you don’t find a new home

If you don’t have a home where you will relocate, your whole moving process will be useless. One of the first things that you need to do, is to find a home. You will probably have a job already by now, so maybe you can ask for housing solutions and options. Sometimes, it can happen that your employer offers you a house. It is not always the case, that’s for sure, but you can try. The least they can do is give you some tips on how to find one. There are definitely 4 places you should check out in Australia, so maybe one of them will be a perfect option for your new home.

Australia on the map and needles for places to visit.
There are many places to visit in Australia, so hurry up and get there.

Be prepared for a possible culture shock

When people are planning a family relocation from the US to Australia, they forget to think about the culture shock. It is not certain that it will happen to you, but it is better to keep it in mind. When it happens to you, it can be very difficult to get over it if you are not prepared, and it comes unexpectedly. Think about your family, and what they can experience that far away from ”home”.

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