How to adjust to Australian food after moving from Texas

One of the things you can’t avoid if moving to a different country is food. At one point you are certainly going to eat it. And sometimes this is going to take some adjusting as the food isn’t the same everywhere. If moving to Australia from Texas, you might not be ready for the change that you are going to experience. Texan food is very heavy and meaty. But Australian food is the complete opposite of that. It is light and juicy, usually seafood and vegetables. This is because Texas and Australia are two very different places. Texan food was influenced by Mexican food which is very spicy and meaty whereas Australian food is like this because of the fact that Australia is an island. And we all know what the food is like on islands. But not everyone is able to switch so easily from eating Texan food to eating Australian food, especially children. This is why we decided to tell just how you can adjust to Australian food after moving from Texas.

What is Australian food like?

We already mentioned Australian food is much different from Texan food. Don’t expect to see barbeque, meat, gravy, and similar things around as much as you used to. Instead, you will be able to eat a lot of seafood such as fish, shrimp, crab, lobster, as well as a lot of fruits and vegetables. And after moving to Australia from Texas with, this is the perfect food to eat. It is very nutritious and healthy which means that you will gain a lot of strength back after eating and it isn’t going to bring you down and make you even more tired which heavy meaty food usually tends to do.

Fish and vegetables you will eat while trying to adjust to Australian food.
Fish is very common in Australian cuisine.

Some of the most well-known traditional Australian foods

If you want to adjust to Australian food after moving you need to know what you are going to need to adjust to at all. This is why we want to tell you more about some of the most well-known Australian traditional foods. This will help you gain better insight into what this food looks and tastes like. Which is very important if you are a picky eater. And we know for a fact that there are a lot of picky eaters out there. Especially among people who grew up in a place such as Texas is. Texan food doesn’t contain any seafood and is much more seasoned than Australian food which can make this type of food taste bad to these people as they are used to very spicy tastes.

Barbecued snags

For those who really can’t live without meat and barbeque, Australia has something for you too. It is barbecued snags aka sausages. Traditional Australian sausages are usually pork or beef which is the meat you are used to as it is also contained in Texan food. But there are other meats as well such as kangaroo meat. Sausages are a very common traditional Australian food and a lot of people eat them all the time.

You can buy them in every store and there are a lot of fast-food restaurants with sausages as well. Eat it with bread and don’t forget to top it off with some fried onions for a full Australian barbecued snag experience. This is the perfect meal to eat while packing or moving even if you manage to find help for time-consuming tasks as it takes not long to prepare.

Sausages, eggs, and some vegetables served on a plate.
Sausages are just one of the dishes with meat.

Meat pies

Another meaty dish is meat pies. These are hand-sized pies filled with mincemeat and gravy and topped with tomato sauce. This might not sound so delicious to some but it really is. You can also make a more gourmet version by adding mashed potatoes and mushy peas. Children love this dish as it is small and easy to eat. Plus it is very tasty and not hard to make at all. Get around your new city and find the spot where they make the best meat pies.


If you want to eat more fish and things that you haven’t tried before, barramundi is for you. This is a river fish that Australians love to make. It is very large-scale. It can be grilled, fried, or seared skin-side first. You can catch your own and prepare it at home or you can just go to a local restaurant and have one prepared for you. This is a very healthy fish to eat, much healthier than battered fish. Plus, this is a true Aussie meal.

Eat fresh barramundi in the best restaurants.


Relocations across the ocean can be easy but adjusting to eating Vegemite on toast won’t. This is a very popular Australian snack. A lot of people love it but a lot more people hate it. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you like it. But if you don’t, you won’t even like the smell of it. Vegemite is made of yeast extract. A lot of people believe that because of the name it is made out of vegetables. You can eat vegemite with toasted bread and some butter but make sure you don’t put a lot of it. This isn’t a chocolate spread. It has a very strong taste which is why not a lot of people love eating Vegemite.

How to adjust to Australian food?

If you really want to adjust to Australian food after moving from Texas, you need to give everything a try. Some things might not look good but they might taste amazing. And if you don’t try them, you won’t be able to know. When you want to adjust to Australian food after moving there, you need to be very open-minded when it comes to eating. Australian food is seen as rather strange as there isn’t a lot of spices and everything seems very boring. Go to restaurants and order traditional meals instead of burgers and fries. Meet the locals who know how to cook. There are ways for you to actually start liking eating Australian food, you just need to give your best to try it. If moving to Australia with a family, make sure you make dining as fun as possible.

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