How to handle culture shock when moving from California to Australia

We know how you can handle the culture shock when moving from California to Australia. But it’s easier said than done. Luckily, we all speak the same language. The language barrier is often the worst problem people encounter when moving to the Middle East or Europe, for example. Culturally, Australia stands apart from the rest of the world. There’s a wide range in the intensity of culture shock that can occur when living and learning in Australia. It all adds up to one thing: an unforgettable adventure. Prepare to be immersed in the country’s distinctive and endearing culture and way of life. There is no other place like Australia.

Prepare for the dangers

If you start preparing before you even start packing your bags, the adaptation process will be much easier. Learn all there is to know about this continent. We are talking about the animal world there. It’s much different than everything you know. To date, this has been the most surprising and talked-about aspect of Australian culture.  Aussies have gained international notoriety for their willingness to knowingly coexist with some of the planet’s deadliest and most dangerous creatures. Whether it’s an unseen microscopic jellyfish, a spider that burrows in suburban backyards, or a snake that dwells among bushes where you may walk your dog, you’re bound to encounter some of them.

A kangaroo looking at you
Luckily kangaroos are cute.

How to survive them?

You might be wondering how people manage to survive in Australia with the prevalence of potentially harmful animals. Actually, the chances of you coming into contact with any of our most dangerous creatures or fauna are really low. But if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some of the incredible and exotic animals that call Australia home. Wildlife abounds, from kangaroos and koalas to wombats and possums, to a variety of colorful avian natives. This is much easier than buying property in Australia as a US citizen.

Prepare for completely different weather – yes we are talking about hot Christmas

The weather in Australia is definitely one of a kind. Christmas essential supplies will be different here. Though this country is more commonly associated with sunny skies and seaside vacations, they do, in fact, experience winter. The climate in the southern hemisphere can be quite a change for those who aren’t used to it. In contrast to our neighbors in the Northern Hemisphere, who enjoy sipping hot cocoa by the fire on Christmas Day, Australians spend the holiday season trying to cool off at the beach, in the pool, or inside the air conditioning. This can be quite fun if you think about it.

A woman wearing bikini for Christmas after moving from California to Australia
Are you ready for a Christmas in a bikini?

Aussie Slang is quite unique so you need to prepare for it, luckily we can help you

It’s no secret that Australians have their own distinct vocabulary. It’s full of eccentric slang phrases with surprising nuances in their meaning. For new arrivals to Australia, this can be a severe cultural shock. It’s also something to which they swiftly adjust. “thongs” is the Australian word for “flip flops” or “sandals,” depending on where you’re from. Also, because they speak so rapidly, Aussies enjoy reducing words that we find unnecessary. The words “arvo” for the afternoon, “servo” for a gas station, and “bottle-o” for bottle shop are just a few examples. Swearing is common in conversation among many Australians. It’s worth noting that most Australians don’t use profanity as a form of offense. Swearing in a casual context has become a common way for Australians to express their emotions and is an integral part of everyday conversation. Luckily Aussies are quite ex-pat friendly.

Another thing you need to know about their culture

Australia is a country where drinking alcohol is deeply ingrained in the culture. There is a significant drinking culture in Australia, especially among the younger generations. We are not saying that every single Australian is a binge drinker or that non-drinkers can not partake in social activities. It’s not uncommon for friends to get together for a round of drinks, whether at a backyard barbecue, a tavern, or even a beach. The more you know about Australia and its culture the easier it will be for you to handle culture shock when moving from California to Australia.

This is for coffee addicts

People from down under like to brag that their barista-made coffee is the best in the world. You will be the judge of that now.  As a result of the high quality of the coffee available, especially in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, they developed a serious snobbery about the beverage. That is a piece of good news for coffee addicts.  We have no doubt that you will become a coffee connoisseur once you try the coffee here as opposed to the coffee you consume at home.

Move in quickly and start exploring Aussie culture

If you hire pros to deal with everything like packing, relocation, and the rest you will be well rested and you will be able to start your new life the best possible way. What you need to do now is to unpack as soon as possible. Then once those moving boxes are gone you can start exploring Australia, your new city, neighborhood, and the rest. There is so much to see here.

Why movers?

International relocations are rough. Really rough. It’s not like moving to a different city. Movers like Los Angeles Transfer and Storage can simplify the whole process. Why not do it the easy way?

A couple involved in packing before moving from California to Australia
For international relocations movers are a must.

Before we go, there is one more thing you need to know

You will feel homesick no matter how much moving from California to Australia excites you. Everything is completely different and it’s only natural to feel a bit blue at first. But as soon as you get to know your new neighbors, find new friends and new favorite spots everything will be much easier. until then – stay in touch with your old friends and give yourself some time.

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