How to properly load a moving truck

If you have to load a moving truck soon, you need to learn how to properly do it. When it comes to loading a moving truck, a little planning goes a long way. Check out your home a few days before the big day and make a list of the order in which things should be loaded. Make a list of all the boxes and group them by size. The moving process will go much more smoothly if this is implemented.

Consider all your options before renting a moving truck

Start planning your relocation as soon as possible. Look for a truck that’s the right size for your needs and isn’t too big so that you don’t have to do another round of packing the truck. Because you want to move as quickly as possible, you should think about the size of the truck you’ll need to transport your belongings. Measuring tools on moving truck websites can be very useful for you to plan everything ahead.

A family packing for relocation
You will need to plan everything ahead.

The general rule is – the biggest and heaviest things first

Prior to loading anything else onto the truck, you should prepare all your kitchen appliances and place any large appliances or other items that require more than one person to move against the wall closest to the cab. Place heavy items on opposite sides of the truck to maintain the truck’s balance. In order to protect the wood surfaces and corners, use furniture padding and bubble wrap. Renting padding from a truck rental company is well worth the small additional fee. In addition to making it easier to load heavier items onto the truck, padded protection also helps.

Taking furniture apart is often a smart choice

Once you do it you can always glue or tape together the pieces of furniture that have been disassembled. Skis and lampposts, lamp foundations, and any other lamp parts are all examples of longer items that can benefit from this technique. Place such items inside your rugs before rolling them up and taping them shut at both ends and the rug’s perimeter. Taping the ends of your rug roll can be done with linens as well. This will keep things from falling out or getting damaged during the move. Place the rug in the truck somewhere safe. If you need any extra help make sure to call GNQ Removals Cairns. They can help you with this and many other tasks – check them out.

professional movers sitting in a moving truck
You can always call movers to help you.

The largest boxes first – then the smaller ones

After that, move on to the heaviest and largest containers. Stack the boxes on top of all of the furniture items and appliances, making sure to fill in any gaps that may be present. Don’t pack fragile items into heavy boxes. In fact, fragile items need to be packed separately. Move the lightweight boxes to the back of the truck and place them on top of the heavier ones. When the truck is full, try to pile boxes in lines till they reach the roof. Hopefully, now you know how to load a moving truck properly.

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