How to start planning a relocation from California to Australia

Australia is home to some of the world’s most vibrant international cities, located between the Pacific and Indian oceans. Next to Canberra, the cultural and economic hubs of Australia are Melbourne and Sydney, as well. Moving overseas is never an easy feat. What’s more, there are a few things to consider before your relocation from California to Australia.

Where to start?

What makes immigration into Australia easier is that its population speaks a common language and shares a culture. However, there are certain issues to consider, like gathering paperwork, acquiring storage services, obtaining appropriate packing equipment, and more. You can easily secure all of these things if you rely on professional help from international movers.

Sidney's skyscrapers, buildings, and the Sidney Opera House located on the South Pacific coast

Prioritize practical items over the rest

People purchase large amounts of items over the years, only to store them in the attic where they collect dust. That’s why, when the moving day comes along, you’re short on storage space. In order to use your available storage effectively, you should reserve your packing list for the most essential items. Here are some of them:

  • clothing and footwear – the weather conditions will vary based on where you’re going, so pack seasonal clothing.
  • medication
  • technological devices
  • nonperishable foods
  • items for personal hygiene
  • the appropriate paperwork
  • additional supplies that are useful for your relocation from California to Australia

Supply yourself with the appropriate packing equipment

Storage is always in short supply. Of course, you can always turn to professional movers, such as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, for their services. Nevertheless, you should obtain extra luggage space ahead of time. You’ll probably be amazed at how many things you have laying around. Thus, you’ll finish packing your last suitcase far sooner than expected.

So, you’ll need to use your imagination and come up with more sustainable storage solutions. You might, for example, reserve your suitcases for more fragile possessions and get additional storage bins and duffel bags for your other items. In addition, if you don’t want to spend so much time and money in convenience stores, there are storage alternatives.

Get extra baggage ahead of your relocation from California to Australia
It’s in your best interest to prepare extra baggage ahead of your move.

Collect the necessary documentation

Relocating overseas is different from moving within a country’s boundaries in legal terms. Accordingly, you’ll need to prepare certain paperwork ahead of your relocation from California to Australia. It is in your best interest that you research what documentation is required in the country you are relocating to upon your arrival. Keeping this in mind, you should obtain the following:

  • an identification card or social security card
  • passport
  • visa
  • birth certificate
  • medical records
  • credit card
  • insurance documents

For expert assistance, hire a moving company

Evidently, there is a lot to consider ahead of your relocation from California to Australia. Furthermore, attempting to handle everything oneself can be challenging when you’re lacking in information and resources. By contacting a dependable moving team for their flexible services, you are sure to experience a successful overseas move.

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