How to spot reliable international transportation and logistics companies?

Need to transport your items internationally? To accomplish this task successfully and stress-free you will need international transportation and logistics companies that are reliable and experienced. If you are running a business and need to send products and goods overseas to your clients, then you will need one company on your side and a good contract between you two.

Another reason to transport items to another country is moving. Moving overseas is one of the biggest life events. It is not easy to start a new life in a foreign country and there are a lot of things to plan before moving. Having a reliable company will make your relocation process much easier.

View of a shipping company.
When shipping items overseas, the process is long. By choosing the best company for transportation and logistic, it will be faster and easier

Characteristics of a reliable international transportation and logistics companies

No matter do you need commercial movers or on the other hand, residential. You should know how to recognize reliable transportation and logistics companies and to know what characteristics are good and what characteristics are bad. Especially when you need to transport items abroad.

  • Experience – transporting items across the world is not an easy task and it requires a good network. Experience is one of the most important factors to check when hiring international transportation and logistics companies. Experienced experts can handle problems easier and faster.
  • Great customer service – every company (no matter what type of company) should be dedicated to their customers.
  • Detail-oriented – how many details involved in shipping? A logistics transportation company should explain to you all the details about shipping.
  • Time-oriented – time is money when it comes to shipping overseas. Delays can be very costly if you are shipping your goods internationally. Even if you are moving overseas, everything should be on time. If something will be late, it should not be for long, and you should be informed in advance.
  • Offering various services – the best international transportation and logistics companies should offer you different services including tracking your shipping.

Types of international shipping

First of all, you should how you want to ship your items internationally? What options do you have? Besides air and sea shipping, there are also types you should choose.

  • Cargo ships
  • Roll on Roll Off (RoRo)
  • Tankers
  • Passenger ships
  • High-Speed Craft
  • Fishing Vessel
Types of shipping.
Will you ship your items via sea or air? Shipping via sea is cheaper but slower

Tips for choosing the best international moving company

How to be sure that you are hiring the best company for transportation and logistics? If you are doing this for the first time, it may be intimidating and stressful, but with some simple steps, you will learn how to spot reliable international transportation and logistics companies.

Shipping containers.
Before you ship items overseas, do research and choose the best company

Check license and registration number

One of the first factors to check and one of the most important ones is a license for international transportation. Check their permits and NVOCC number. One of the companies that have all the licenses and very long experience is Four Winds Saudi Arabia. Never hire a company that does not have proper licensing.

Loading services

Each company offers different cargo loading services to their clients. After checking the registration number, ask about the loading services. Door to door shipping is one of the most popular types of shipping. Let Jubail professionals organize and manage your cargo transportation. It is easier when you have someone to take care of the entire transportation process.

Container sizes

A good company should offer you different containers with different capacities. Of course, it depends on how many items you need to transport abroad. Most shipping containers are 20′ and 40′ long, but some companies will offer you more options you can choose from. If you need to transport items sensitive to temperature changes, then you must have a temperature-controlled container.

Cargo tracking

Every long-distance mover should offer tracking services 24/7. A company will give you a code and with that code, you will be able to track your shipping whenever you need to. Especially if it is part of your business, to ship products to customers, you always need to know where your goods are.

The price

Costs are also one of the factors to consider. If you are moving overseas, a company should estimate your items and give you an accurate moving price. Get different types of moving estimates from different companies. Don’t hire the first company you will find, and don’t choose the cheapest one, it may be one of the red flags.


Your items from the beginning to the end must be insured and the transportation and logistics company will offer you types of insurance. If something goes wrong with your shipping, insurance will cover the damage. The trip is long, so damages are possible. Choose a level of coverage and don’t worry about your items.

Ask for discounts

If you need to ship goods to clients often, then a transportation company probably will be able to give you a discount. A company should be open to negotiate with you and to make you choose them for shipping. Also, ask if the date of transportation will affect the costs.

Read online reviews

It is not everything around reviews, but it is a big part when choosing a transportation and logistics company. Visit the company’s website, social media profiles, reviews on Yelp and similar sites, etc. But, make sure you know to recognize fake online reviews (too positive comments, the same date of posting, the same writing style).

Check memberships

All reliable international transportation and logistics companies should be members of some organizations. For example, FIDI, RIM, OMNI, QMS, FMC, BBB. Without these memberships, you should not hire a company (it is mandatory, it is not recommended). It is a sign of a good company you can trust.

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