Leaving Australia for the Middle East: the ultimate moving checklist

Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain are trending among ex-pats from all around the world and Australia alike. Business-friendly cities with a good standard of living and high salaries make Australians flock to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, etc. If you want to be one of the Australian ex-pats in Kuwait or the like, you already know that leaving Australia for the Middle East is amazing job-wise, but it will take a long road. However, the moment you get here, you’ll forget all about a challenging pre-move experience and start living to the fullest. Now, let’s see what is there to know when relocating to the Middle East.

First things first

Before shipping goods from Australia to Bahrain, read something about social and business etiquette. Thus you’ll earn the respect of people and more easily find a job. You aren’t coming here as a tourist, but leaving Australia for the Middle East for good, right? 

Make a perfect budget plan before leaving Australia for the Middle East

Are you going solo or with a family? How high is the cost of living abroad? And what about the apartment fee? Is there anything else? When relocating from Australia to the Middle East, you need a master plan not to break the bank.

The KSA, for instance, is the fourth richest country in the Middle East. We’re talking about a large amount of money before you stand on your feet. Should you choose Saudi Arabia for your future home, you’ll need cash to consult with experts in the field, for example for sea freight, and overseas moves are expensive. The same goes for any country, really. Having that in mind, start saving on time, considering all factors in making a sound budget, and go beyond that, just in case. You know what they say – better safe than sorry.

Dollars in paper bills and coins
Planning a budget and saving on time is imperative when leaving Australia for the Middle East.

Book travel arrangements

Making airlane, car, and hotel reservations is yet another expense. Booking should take place approximately 3 months before relocating to the Middle East.

Organize cancellation

When leaving Australia, you should let your bank/s know that you no longer need their service on account of moving. Only if your bank exists where you’re heading can you cross this out. In the same manner, cancel all magazine and newspaper subscriptions or regular deliveries. And home insurance as well.

When leaving Australia for the Middle East, you’ll need all the papers in one place

Before even thinking of searching for reliable international transportation and logistics companies, you must get all the right documents. You’ve got some of them, but you’ll have to gather the rest. Our advice is to start doing that a few months prior to the move. Here’s everything you need:

  • passport
  • travel visa
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate/ divorce papers
  • adaptation/ child custody certificate,
  • school records/ university papers
  • driver’s license (when shipping a car from Australia to the Middle East)
  • IDP
  • word permit
  • medical and dental record

Passport, visa, and work permit

If having to renew a passport or apply for a new one along with a visa and a work permit, don’t waste time. You’ve enough experience with a passport application at least to know it can be a lengthy process. As regards the last two, contacting an embassy is the best way to find out the country’s requirements. For instance, you may be asked to receive certain vaccinations. Then, there are quarantine requirements. As we said, hearing from the embassy is a must when preparing for moving from Australia to the Middle East.

Approving man's documents for leaving Australia for the Middle East
Without preparing documents leaving Australia for the Middle East is impossible.

Depending on what you want to do with an old home

If planning to sell the house, put it on the market, but don’t rush with that. If looking to have tenants and fail to find any before leaving, hire a rental real estate agent. But first, set the house shine.

Get free quotes to find out how much leaving Australia for the Middle East will cost

Getting free quotes from international companies is a good way to find out moving expenses and thus is invaluable when planning a budget. At fourwinds-ksa.com, for instance, you can get a free moving estimate if moving to Saudi Arabia. It’s a valuable online resource, which can serve as a guide for the move. Skim through the blogs, check what’s there, and enrich the knowledge.

Looking for and booking international movers

Shipping belongings abroad means planning ahead of time, and the same goes for booking. Our experts from Removalists Cairns suggested booking a moving company two months before the moving day. When it comes to starting the search, they said one month was more than enough.

A woman planning on leaving Australia for the Middle East sitting is sitting in a chair and booking movers on her tablet
Booking movers should be done two months prior to the move.

Trim unnecessary expenses when leaving Australia for the Middle East

As suggested, overseas relocations are expensive. Still, there’s something you can do in order to save on the move. Decluttering is the magic word in this case. Getting rid of unwanted belongings either by selling them or donating is a way to go. Moreover, selling items can help with saving for this expensive journey.

When is the right time for me to start packing?

You can start packing a month before the time for leaving Australia and moving to the Middle East comes, starting with items and belongings, such as ornaments, books, winter clothes if it’s summer. Teams in the area can assist you with moving in. You got the point.

Moving to the KSA, is that so?

You’re soon leaving Australia for the Middle East, ha? And you’ve chosen Saudi Arabia for a future home, aha. Much congratulations!  Afterward, you can buy a travel guide, start exploring the city, and all it has to offer. Well, witnessing a beauty contest with camels might not be on your list, but there are other things too. Happy moving!


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