Most expat-friendly cities in Colorado

Do you dream of living in a state where you can enjoy many different outdoor activities? If that’s so, then Colorado is the best place for you. This state is a favorite among outdoor fans for so many reasons. It is perfect for those with a love for nature and adventures. But, Colorado’s booming and diverse economy also attracts students and professionals from across the US and world. Plus, this stunningly gorgeous state with easy access to top schools and affordable real estate draws families. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that so many people decide to move here. But, where in Colorado you’d like to move to? Well, here’s a list of the most expat-friendly cities in Colorado. 

Knowing something about Colorado’s finest cities will help you decide what place to call home. It will also help you discover the best way to get around in a new city. So, let’s begin.

Colorado Flag Street Road
So, what are the most expat-friendly cities in Colorado? Read and find out.


No list of Colorado cities is complete without Boulder. Probably, Boulder is most known for the University of Colorado which is located here. However, there’s much more to enjoy as a resident. Boulder also called the Rocky Mountains gateway, is a beautiful and expat-friendly city to live in. And if you’re an outdoor and nature fan, reach out to experts in the area and move to Boulder County. Hire these reliable and professional movers and experience a smooth, stress-free, and easy move. Don’t hesitate, contact them as soon as you know you’ll be relocating. 

Expats will find this city an especially vibrant and welcoming place to live in. If you move to Boulder, you’ll have the chance to see the breathtaking views. Also, Boulder is a hotbed for startups and new ventures. Serial entrepreneurs are opening more job opportunities. That’s why the city is known as America’s Startup Capital. But, Boulder also has a huge bar and restaurant scene, an educated community, and public transit.


This small city close to Denver is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in Colorado state. Also, Aurora is a popular moving destination for both expats and Colorado residents. The reason is that it offers many job opportunities and recreation activities. Expats in Aurora will discover a particularly diverse population here. Also, there are dozens of parks and outdoor recreational areas. Families and professionals will have plenty of safe and beautiful neighborhoods to choose from in Aurora. The city also offers many social amenities and conveniences. So, moving here can’t be a bad choice. 

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the second-most densely populated city in the state. But, it’s also one of the most expat-friendly cities in Colorado. It offers its residents affordable living standards. So, it’s a popular place for families, millennials, and professionals. If you’re one of them, get a moving quote on and make this city your new home. Colorado Springs boasts a huge variety of outdoor activities and beautiful nature. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in Colorado. Famous destinations here are Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. But, the city is also known for its cool local art galleries and coffee shops. So, think about moving here. It may be the best option for you.

Colorado Springs Skyline
Many expats consider moving to Colorado Springs.

Castle Rock – An expat-friendly city in Colorado

Castle Rock is a Colorado city that offers a little bit of everything to anyone who moves here. This relatively small, population-wise city has a lot of things that attract people. First, the city is famous for its low crime rates, high household incomes, and beautiful parks. Then, there are many outdoor recreation opportunities, amenities, top-notch dining, and shopping. Also, Castle Rock is one of the fastest-growing in the USA. It’s a friendly and welcoming place and it’s perfect for expats. Therefore, make sure you know how to get a Precise moving estimate online and make this city your new home. It’s within proximity of major cities in Colorado, so everything is within its reach. 

Louiseville – One of the most expat-friendly cities in Colorado

Louiseville is the next Colorado city that you should seriously think about laying down roots in. This city offers all the conveniences and amenities of a big city in a small, safe environment. Also, Louisville is one of the best places in the US for parents of school-age children. Public schools here are highly rated, there are many parks here and entertainment options are first-rate. A few of the main attractions for moving here are many amenities. Apart from that, there is also a great sense of community, low unemployment, and crime rate.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is the next city on this list of most expat-friendly cities in Colorado. This popular college city offers lots of things to see and do. Fort Collins is home to the Colorado State University, and it’s a mecca for students, young professionals, and families. So, you should consider learning what are the types of moving estimates and move here. The city hosts giant tech brands, entertainment joints, and tasty breweries. Fort Collins has some similarities with other vibrant Colorado cities. For example, Boulder. It has a fast-growing business sector and at the same time is a bonafide college city. Like Boulder, Fort Collins has a stable job market in the tech industry. So, there are many job opportunities in this sector.

City Road Cars Colorado - Most expat-friendly cities in Colorado
Colorado offers many great cities for expats.

Denver – Most expat-friendly cities in Colorado

If you consider moving to Colorado, Denver is one of the best places to live in. The city is famous for its stable job market and low unemployment rates. Also, Denver offers many people job opportunities. Especially in the rapidly developing tech sector. Then, Denver also has favorable weather. There’s an average of 254 sunny days in a year. In the capital city of Colorado, you’ll find absolutely zero shortage of things for people to do, regardless of what you might enjoy. Closeness to big cities, ease of access to the Rocky Mountains, shopping, and dining. This, along with so much more makes Denver one of the best cities to live in Colorado.  

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