Moving from Australia to Hong Kong: biggest challenges you will encounter

Whether, British, Australian, or American a simple and short visit to Hong Cong can prove life-changing. Many people who merely plan to visit are inclined to move here. The reason for this is simple. The city is beautiful and has its attractions that draw people in. However, Hong Kong is different, and living here can present a challenge. Usually, once the excitement and euphoria pass people find it difficult to manage and adapt. There are many challenges you have to face and tackle when moving here. So, knowing about the biggest ones and preparing for them in advance is wise. If you are moving from Australia to Hong Kong besides some of the tips for moving this is what you should also know.

About Hong Kong

Like any city, Hong Kong also has its specific character and personality to get used to. It is different and challenging but it’s not all about the bad and difficult. There are great aspects of Hong Kong that make many people move here in the first place. One of them is the fact that Hong kong has a growing economy and is one of the most important business centers in Asia. This makes it a great place to build your career. The job market is great and there are many opportunities to choose from. You can earn a lot working here and even though the city can be expensive you can live comfortably here.

Buy street in Hong Kong
This city can be overcrowded and overwhelming

In addition, the healthcare system is great and the education is top-notch. One of the important facts is that the city is very safe and perfect for families. Ex-pats can have a good life here and whole families can move in and settle in the city.

Hong Kong is a welcoming city which makes it a mixture of influences. With a large ex-pat community, it offers almost everything for everybody. This is a melting pot of the world that can be great for Australian ex-pats as well. You can easily enjoy the modern western-oriented lifestyle of the city. However, you have the option of indulging in the traditional culture of China and this great city.  These facts are the reason why Hong Kong is a popular destination not only for visiting but making your home. Many people come here in different ways. But for settling in here it’s best to seek professional moving assistance. Luckily, local Relosmart Movers can handle any moving request you may have. In light of some of the challenges Hong Kongs present, this can be of great help.

Main challenges

Although an inviting place there are many challenges to deal with when moving from Australia to Hong Kong. There are downsides to Hong Kong as with any other place. These can be too difficult to handle while some may be able to accept them. The list of the biggest challenges is short.

  • Hong Kong is overcrowded
  • It’s expensive
  • The city is polluted
  • There is a lack of living balance
  • The weather

Overcrowded city

With over 8 million inhabitants the city is usually overcrowded. The commute may seem like a nightmare. All of these people use the public transportation system every day and flood the streets in their business rush. Newcomers have to handle this fact and the fact that the system is sometimes unable to handle the crowd. In addition, you should factor in the millions of tourists that visit every year. Simply understanding these figures can be challenging for some.

Hong Kong Pollution
You will have to get used to the pollution in the city after moving from Australia to Hong Kong

Cost of living

Hong Kong is expensive and this fact can be too much for many. Although you can earn a lot you have to mind your finances. With high demand for homes and apartments, the rent is skyrocketing. The taxes are low but virtually any other expenses including food, travel, and groceries can simply be too much. So, it is advisable to take this into account before moving.


The crowds of people densely packed within the city make it very polluted. The industry, traffic, and sheer volume of people make it almost unbearable sometimes. There are particular black spots in the city to avoid.


Weather in Hong Kong can prove to be a challenge for ex-pats moving here. The temperature changes can be harsh and they can be quite high. The city has beaches that you can use all year round, but this is coupled with high humidity that can be overbearing. Coupled with a dynamic work routine it can this can be quite hard to accept and adapt to.

Life balance

The pace of life here is very intense. The career opportunities are great but they demand utter dedication and sacrifices. Hong Kong demands commitment and it’s very common to work late nights here. The work hours and routine, however, are dependent on the level that you are on in the hierarchy and the role you have in your organization. Although you can move in with your family prepare to be too occupied for leisure and family time.

Moving to Hong Kong

Besides all of these challenges, many people move here every year. A long distance or verses relocation to Hong Kong may additionally be a challenge. Making such a move demands a lot of planning and preparation. there are many options and factors to consider when planning a move and a moving budget. However, with proper assistance, it can be very easy to complete this relocation. Consult your movers and make sure that you get all of the help and service that you’ll need.

Person planying with a toy plane for Moving from Australia to Hong Kong
Make sure to find the right movers to handle this overseas relocation

Also, make sure that your belongings are safe and sound throughout the entire process. Though the city is crowded you have to ensure you have enough room for everything you need and are moving to the city. So, consider your storage options and prices. Until you find an apartment and settle in you can store your thing securely in many storage facilities in Hong Kong. Consult your movers to get just what you need and the advice you can use.

Final notes

When Moving from Australia to Hong Kong there are many challenges and difficulties you will face. With proper information and preparation, you can take and prepare for them in advance making this process easier. These are not the reason to give up. There is still more to Hong Kong to help you decide to make this move.

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