Moving from the US to Australia with kids: What to expect

One of the top destinations for Americans to emigrate to is Australia. Many people each year choose to leave America and go to the Land Down Under. You may have also thought that moving from the US to Australia with kids is a good choice. However, knowing how hard it is to swap one country for the other, we at Removalists Cairns have decided to help you out. We will tell you how to move to Australia worry-free and what you can expect from the whole process. Let’s start!

Moving from the US to Australia with kids – getting help 

Before we tell you about the cultural differences between America and Australia, let’s talk about how to find movers to assist you. 

First, you have to know what movers you need to help you relocate to Australia. Since you are leaving America, you will need international movers to help you transport everything. If you were performing a local move in America, you could move alone, but since you are moving internationally, you will 100% need help. You can not simply purchase the right moving supplies and move from the US to Australia

Map of Australia
Moving from the US to Australia with kids would be easier with the proper help of overseas movers.

Tips for finding international movers for your family move to Australia 

  • To find international movers to get your family to Australia, you should first turn to your friends for recommendations. Ask them if they have had any positive prior experience with overseas movers. Your friends are your reliable source and can provide you with trustworthy information. 
  • But if they never moved internationally, start researching overseas movers on the internet. There are two things to look out for when picking a company to relocate you to Australia. First, they should have experience moving families into homes in Australia. Second, they should have favorable reviews on their social media pages and company website. 
  • When you have a list of at least three moving companies – five would be ideal, call them to ask about their pricing. If you have any special items like pianos or antique furniture, you should mention them because they can increase the price. All in all, though, prices will be roughly the same so pick an international moving company with the best service. 
  • Finally, since you are moving to Australia many things can go wrong. That basically suggests that you should find movers with moving insurance. 
two women talking
If you have friends who have experience with overseas movers who can get you to Australia, your work is complete.

If you follow the tips above, you will find reliable overseas movers quickly. Or you can simplify the task with expert help and hire the best international movers who can get you from the US to Australia stress-free. Experienced movers will be open to communication and will guide you until you move into your new family home in Australia. Now that you have someone helping you let’s see the cultural differences between America and Australia. 

Moving from the US to Australia with kids – the cost of living 

There are plenty of things that you will notice after you move to Australia with your kids that will shock you. But the first difference between Australia and the USA is the cost of living. On average, Australia is about 23% more expensive than the USA. Below we will go over the cost of general expenses between the USA and Australia. 

  • First, utilities will cost you around 190-dollars in Australia and America, about 160-dollars.
  • Second, groceries are a lot more expensive in Australia, everything eggs, water, bread, milk. The biggest difference is in the cost of cigarettes, which can be up to 3three times more expensive in Australia. 
  • Third, the internet is about 27% more expensive in Australia. 
  • Finally, real estate is more expensive in Australia. On average, an sqm cost around 6500-dollars in the city center in Australia. But in America, it is around 1800-dollars for an sqm in the city center. And if you were to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Australia, you would pay approximately 1500-dollars while in America, only about 1000-dollars

As you can see, Australia is more costly than the USA, but it actually makes up for it. Let’s see how. 

The minimum wage in Australia 

When you get a job in Australia, you will see that you earn a lot more than in the USA. Workers in Australia earn about 14.5-dollars an hour, which is almost double the American minimum wage of 7.25. Even though Australia is, on average, more expensive than the USA, with the higher minimum wage, you can live comfortably. So, find yourself reliable movers, like the ones found at All Season Movers, to relocate you swiftly to Australia so you can take advantage of the high salary and all it has to offer.

100 Australian dollar bills
Even though Australia is more costly than America, you earn more and have universal health care.

Moving from the US to Australia with kids – the health care system 

Another reason why Australia is a more comfortable place to live is because of the health care system. The USA does not provide a health care system for its citizens. The citizens get health coverage by getting private insurance and state and federal programs.

 But Australia is a combination of public health care and private health. The Australian government funds your hospital stay, prescription drugs, and doctors visit through taxation. This means that any Australian can get a check-up when feeling unwell. In addition to the public coverage, the Australian government urges its citizens to get private insurance. With private insurance, you get some benefits. For example, you can skip the wait and get a check-up faster. If you do not get private insurance by 31, you will have to pay 2% more every year you wait. 


As you can see, moving from the US to Australia with kids can be easy if you have reliable help. And when you get there, you can get all the benefits of Australia’s economic and health care system. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

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