Moving in with a senior: how to help them adapt

Most people say that time is our enemy. The truth is that this depends on how you spend it. Time is simply there, and we must learn to use it as best as we can. Time brings aging, and aging brings a new set of changes and health problems with a good part of the population. Senior age is slowing our body, making it weaker, harder to maintain good shape and some health issues that are related to our old age. Every new step could be hard, especially when it comes to moving in with seniors and adapting to the new location. There are several ways we can help our senior citizens to move and a smart way to help them adapt.

How to help them adapt?

Depending on our way of life, some of us move often, some people stay rooted for our entire life in the same place. Moving is never an easy step but sometimes is necessary. Finding the perfect location is the most important.

When moving in with a senior we need to observe the situation and ask them some questions. This way we will know how to adapt them and ourselves to the new situation and a way of life. Have in mind some factors when moving:

  • Does our loved senior have any health issues and if so what are they?
  • How much assistance can we provide to them?
  • How well do we get along?

Senior health issues

Knowing the problem is half of a solution, so talk to your seniors about their mental and physical health and condition. You have to know if they have any chronic illnesses. These are some of the first questions you need to be answered. Seniors being healthy and with no conditions are preferred to move in, so both of you can adjust easily, and according to family health history prepare for what is to come. In some cases, you can afford caretaking until a point where it is needed full-time medical attention.

Medical instruments and pills
Take care of their health

 Assistance to them

This is the question you need to be straight about. You must ask yourself how much time can you put into their assistance and how it will affect your everyday life, and your habits. This is one of those steps where you need to be honest with yourself. Think about it, your hobbies, your work, your future plans on having family or living all together.

Getting along

Depending on the history of your relations you will get insight into what it is going to be this time. Moving in will not erase all your quarrels. Even if you had any you will have to talk about it and settle it. These were only a few major questions that you need to answer before moving in. Settling your quarrels if you had any, preparing, moving to the right location, or adapting some parts of your home or new home where you are settling in, to be more accessible for your senior will help them adapt faster and easier.

Map, camera and the passport
Chose the perfect location

Moving in with a senior and helping him to adapt will be a process. You have to prepare the ground and implement those plans later. Take into consideration their filing and talk about relocation. Every little step can help you both to adapt to new circumstances.

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