Moving out after the heartbreak: how to make it easier

Breakups are always stressful and difficult to deal with. It is complicated and can be too painful. This is particularly true if it is a break from a long-standing relationship. In these cases, partners usually live together. So, one of them is then forced to deal with the heartbreak, and also move out. These are some of the most stressful events one can have in life and in this case, they also combine. So, moving out after the heartbreak is difficult but you have to know how to manage it.

The key is to react quickly

Not all breakups are the same. Some may be looming for a while. Some are abrupt and surprising. Others on the other hand are a result of a mutual understanding. So there are also different ways in which you can start moving out. If the decision is looming you can go through a stealthy move like moving out a couple of items at a time. If it is a sudden and painful breakup you are best off by organizing a quick relocation. Ideally, it would involve a moving crew to handle the whole packing and moving process. Or if it is agreed upon then partners can schedule and organize the time frame for the move together.

Two people making a moving list for moving out after the heartbreak
Make sure you agree on the division of your belongings but be rational about it

Whatever and however you do it the key is to do it quickly. Breakups cause a heartbreaker and should not be complicated additionally. So try to be quick about it to avoid further drama and fighting during this process.

Handle the move correctly

So the key to moving out after the heartbreak is to handle it quickly. The sooner you do it the sooner you will be able to start anew and move on. This will make it easier but, once you have broken up and you should quickly settle on a few things for your move:

  • Be reasonable with the stuff you will bring
  • Reach out for help
  • Surround yourself with emotional support


Be rational about what you will take from this relationship. Do not be greedy and try not to exercise revenge by taking some precious stuff. Try to divide things evenly and try not to fight about who gets what. That will only further complicate a delicate emotional situation. Try to look at it this way: shed the burden of the failed relationship and keep the things you take to a minimum. In some cases, this may also alleviate the need to spend too much time and money on packing supplies and the need to find proper storage.

Reach out for help

Your friends and family should be involved in your moving process. They can land a hand during the move and provide much-needed support. So ask for help in packing and moving. On short notice, you can quickly move out to sleep with your friends or family. This will help you both physically and mentally through the process.

Two movers high fiving
Make sure you get support from friends and family for both moving and comfort after the break

Surround yourself with the people you trust

Make sure that only trustworthy people surround you in a difficult time. They can be not only a valuable help for the moving process but also a support pillar. You can confide and let out all of the bad memories to them. Besides getting paid help from your movers to handle the job your friends and family can lend a hand. They can provide advice and be a shoulder to lean on and share feelings

So, moving out after the heartbreak can be a tough task to perform. it is burdened by emotions and stress. However, it is manageable with proper reaction and support. Make sure to do it right and make it easier for yourself.

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