Moving to Australia from Bahrain

Moving overseas is a long process (it can last a year or more to prepare everything). If you are considering moving to Australia from Bahrain this year or next year, where to start and what documents you need? How to transport all your belongings from one continent to another? A lot of questions and problems to solve.

Why people immigrate to Australia from Bahrain?

More and more people are moving to Australia from Bahrain. Immigration has grown at a yearly rate of about 11 %, so why is that?

  • High GDP
  • Job opportunities
  • Great healthcare
  • Education
  • Beautiful sandy beaches
  • Big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney
Experience a different culture after moving to Australia from Bahrain. Cities are big and full of people

Getting a visa for moving to Australia from Bahrain

The first step is to apply for a visa and there are different types of visas you can get for moving to AU. The 189 (skill independent subclass) and 190 (skill nominated subclass) visas are common visas. You can get a work visa, family visa or working holiday visa (if you are 18-30 years old).

The process can last for 12 months and it is not cheap. So, you need to be prepared financially too. When you get your visa, get your moving estimates and start packing.

Transporting items to Australia from Bahrain

Another problem to solve is the transportation of your items. The best solution is to hire a reliable moving company for long-distance relocations and transport all your belongings hassle-free.

This way you will travel on a plane, stress-free and professionals will take care of your furniture and other household items.

Things to know before moving to Australia

Besides finding a reliable international transportation and logistics companies, you should also research and explore Australia before moving there. This way, you will know what to expect and hopefully adjust faster.

  • The weather varies a lot. It is not the same in the southern part and the northern part. For example, Melbourne can have all 4 seasons just in one day.
  • Temperatures can be over 40°C in some cities but you are moving to Australia from Bahrain, so you are familiar with high temperatures.
  • Healthcare is free if you have permanent residency.
  • Bushfires are common because of dry vegetation and high temperatures.
  • There is snow in Australia in the Southeast of the country.
  • Stay on the left side while driving and walking.
  • You use a designated crossing point for crossing the street or you will pay a ticket.
  • You will get used to wildlife in Australia.
  • Vegemite will become part of your everyday breakfast probably.
Map of Australia
Explore this amazing country even before arriving there.


Yes, there is a lot of things to do when moving to Australia from Bahrain, but it can be a great opportunity for your career and you will try something new and different. Life in Bahrain is totally different from life in Australia. Ask for help, listen to other people’s experiences, get a visa, hire a good moving company and good luck.

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