Moving to Cairns guide: find your perfect home

Buying or renting a new house is a big step in life, no matter where you will live. If you are moving to Cairns soon and starting a new beginning there, investing in real estate is one of the choices. But, how to find your perfect home and what should you know about the Cairns real estate market?

Moving to Cairns and finding a perfect home there

Cairns is a city located in Queensland founded in 1875. Now, it is one of the best Australian cities for ex-pats. If you have chosen to live here for good, make sure to pick your dream home. After all, it is a place where you will relax and enjoy yourself with family and friends.

Building a house.
You can get a perfect home if you build one, but not all of us can do it

The average property prices in Cairns range from $375,000 for houses to $220,000 for apartments. If you are going to rent, the median rent per month is around $420 PW. If you are not a citizen of Australia, you are able to purchase a home. Research the home buying process in Australia for non-residents and ask professionals to help you out. Hire a lawyer and a good real estate agent from Cairns because they already know this area well. And you need someone experienced.

Things to pay attention to when moving to Cairns

Compared to other cities in Queensland, Cairns has more affordable housing options. Around $59,000 cheaper. If you are moving to Australia with your whole family then look for a bigger home. Luckily, that won’t be a problem in Cairns. Before you choose a home, here are some things you should consider and pay attention to.

  • Termites – Queensland is known for termites, unfortunately, so check this thing first before you buy or rent a place. In 2016 there was a big termite infestation. Financial losses were huge, so before moving to Cairns, be prepared for these insects.
  • Proximity to construction sites – Cairns is growing very fast especially when it comes to building. If you cannot stand dust and debris and want to relax in a quest home, check the proximity¬†to construction sites and explore the area where you want to live.
Relaxing on the beach after moving to Cairns.
You can choose a home near the beach and enjoy every day
  • Ability to withstand flooding – do you want to live near the beach? Most people do. But, it has its own pros and cons, and flooding is one of the risks. Rains and cyclones happen. Determine whether there are any issues to do with flooding or drainage before making the final decision.
  • Neighbors – inspect the property a few different times at varying times of the day to review the noise factor from your future potential neighbors.

Get a home inspection, don’t be afraid to be nit-picking. After all, you are paying for the house and you will live there. Check the walls, electricity, water installation, windows, floors, and roof. This way, your moving to Cairns will be more relaxing.

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