Moving to Cairns – Pros and Cons

Moving to the Land Down Under is quite a relocation. Like any move, in order to have a successful experience, a good plan is key. A well-structured plan will be your guide throughout this process. It also helps with decision making in general. Often, moving to a new city, anyone can get overwhelmed with many questions and doubts. Am I going to like it in Australia? What are my job opportunities? With that being said, we’ll help you figure out these answers and decide whether moving to Cairns is something you want to do.

Moving to Cairns

Cairns is a city in Queensland, Australia. The city is a total vibe as it has wonderful beaches, rainforests, and a great scene of bars and restaurants. It basically is a cool combination of someone who enjoys spending time outdoors and someone who likes lively atmospheres.

When it comes to expenses and cost of living, moving to Cairns might be a good solution for your budget. For example, the cost of living is about 21% less expensive than in New York. In addition to that, the sunny weather is also something that pulls many tourists to Cairns.

A pile of small stones at the beach.
Cairns is a great city to move to as it’s a combination of amazing outdoors and fun city vibes!


As we mentioned above, moving to Cairns is like moving near a rainforest but you still get that urban city vibe. This is a big pro for relocating there as you will get the best of both worlds. A little bit of nature mixed in with that fast-paced city lifestyle.

Moreover, once you settle into your new home, there is a variety of close by beaches to check out. Anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, you can reach a beach of your choice! Cairns has a strip of white sand beaches that will make you want to stay there for hours.

Last but not least, Cairns has a lot of culture, a growing art scene, and many amazing restaurants to check out. Overall, the location has many pros to offer.

The beach you will enjoy after moving to Cairns
If you enjoy warm climates, Cairns is the place for you! Did we mention many beautiful beaches as well?


One of the cons of moving to Cairns could be busy traffic. It gets quite busy around the peak times, and traffic tends to slow down, extending your travel time.

Although the sunny climate is one of Cairns’ highlights, it can also get quite humid. Especially during the wet season. As a result, air conditioning would be a must in general.

The Australian Lifestyle

At the end of the day, moving to Cairns is a personal and individual decision. The list of pros and cons is there, however, it all depends on people’s personal preferences and lifestyle choices. For example, if we analyzed the cons mentioned above, none are the final reasons to not move there. Traffic gets bad, but that’s the case everywhere in the world! Meanwhile, humidity is evident when moving to a more tropical place, therefore to be expected.

Overall, no place is perfect, and it is all about compromising and adjusting. Cairns does sound pretty spectacular though! Grab a backpack, a cold bottle of water, and go explore the astonishing outside the location has to offer.

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