Moving to New York from Australia – what’s to know?

Moving from the land Down Under all the way to the Big Apple is a very exciting time! As there is a lot of distance between the two countries, it would be beneficial to first have a plan. Moreover, create an Australia to New York moving plan where you can write down all of the tasks that need to be completed along with a good timeline. From moving estimates to setting up your budget, it is always good to plan ahead. Continue reading as we explore everything you should know about moving to New York from Australia. 

Moving to New York from Australia 101

One of the first things you should complete before you leave Australia is to gather and secure any and all paperwork that you need in order to live and work in New York City. If you are unsure what you might need, you can always look it up at an official website or you could visit the embassy. Ensuring you have all your visas, permits and other necessary documents is definitely of utmost priority. 

Rainbow above the sea.
First things first-get your visas and other permits set!

Budget & Finances

The next step would be setting up your budget and finances. Look into monthly expenses in New York City and what the average is, so that you can have somewhat of an idea of what to expect once you move there. Also, in case you want to move your belongings or even your car to the United States, look into it ahead of time. In order to ship from Australia to New York, it would require some time, money and effort, therefore make sure to do this well before your relocation date. In case you need a reliable contact, Dumbo Moving and Storage New York City is a reliable and efficient company whose services you could use. Also, they will give you an estimate of how much their services will cost you, giving you time to prepare. 


Depending on what time within the year you are moving, prepare for the climate difference. Australia to New York will be quite a shift in temperature and weather patterns, therefore bring appropriate clothing for it. New Yorkers are already used to their continental climate, therefore get ready for cold winters and hot summers. 

Explore NY

Our next tip once you land in New York, is to learn the public transit system. It will benefit you in this fast-paced city. Knowing how to get around right in the beginning will also help you get to know the city quicker. Remember how people usually refer to New York as The City That Never Sleeps? Its subway system has over 450 stations, hence giving it the title of the biggest one in the world. In addition, it also works 24 hours a day. 

A view of the sunset between the buildings of the Big Apple you will have a chance to see once you move to New York from Australia.
You will surely enjoy your life in the Big Apple.

Last but not least, why not explore all the fun things you could do when you get there! Moving from Australia to New York means that there is so much for you to explore. Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, and The Empire State Building are only a few places to name that are must-sees in the city! Therefore, take your time making a moving plan, pack well, and have a safe flight from Australia to New York!

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