Moving to the Southern Hemisphere – here’s what you need to know

Many people wonder what it is like to move to a southern country. Are there any differences between the Southern and the Northern parts of our planets that can affect your lifestyle? Well, even though these depend on the country you’re moving to, there are some general things you should be aware of when moving to the Southern Hemisphere. Here’s a simple guide on your south relocation.

The climate is mild

One of the most obvious changes you can see is related to the climate. Even though there are fewer people in the Southern Hemisphere, life is much more diverse. There’s more water – since most of the hemisphere is covered with ocean. This provides a milder climate since water heats up more slowly than land and great biodiversity in forests and animals.

If you currently live in a very cold area, planning your move to the Southern Hemisphere should start with the decluttering of your wardrobe. You can get rid of the heavy-duty winter clothes, which will definitely reduce the weight of your moving boxes as well as your moving costs.

Bonus tip: When moving to the Southern Hemisphere, make sure you hire a moving company experienced in these kinds of relocations. All Season Movers know the drill when it comes to moving to a completely different part of the world, and will make your move smooth and fast. 

There’s no snow for Christmas

The position of our planet results in different ways we experience seasons as well as seasonal holidays.  Since the Southern Hemisphere is closer to the sun at a different time than the Northern Hemisphere, holidays like Christmas are generally celebrated without snow, in high temperatures. So, if you’re moving to the Southern Hemisphere during winter, be ready to revise your wardrobe and prepare some summer clothes.

santa missing snow after moving to the Southern Hemisphere
Will you miss snow for Christmas after moving to the Southern Hemisphere?

You’ll get passionate about sports

Even if you didn’t enjoy sports, after moving to the Southern Hemisphere you are going to love it. Most south countries have a very passionate sports culture, and the people of all ages enjoy both playing and watching sports like football and rugby.

Plan your move in advance when moving to the Southern Hemisphere

Moving to the Southern Hemisphere usually means a long-distance relocation and lots of worries. However, this process doesn’t need to be stressful at all. Here are the main two tips to help you relocate with ease:

  • plan your move beforehand – the key to a stress-free relocation is detailed planning. Dedicate weeks, even months to making a list of all the things you need to do and fulfilling these tasks on time. This will give you a much clearer mind and a less stressful relocation process.
  • hire a trustworthy moving pro – it’s essential to find someone to handle the hard part of the move. A professional, experienced mover will help relocate to other part of the world with ease and reducing the stress levels to a minimum.
A plane wing.
Long-distance moves require a lot of planning – but this also lowers the moving stress.

Pack wisely

Moving long-distance should be efficient and easy. Therefore, make sure you pack wisely when moving to the Southern Hemisphere. Start with decluttering your home and sorting out items by categories. Also, labeling the moving boxes can be very helpful when moving into your new home. If you’re organized and practical about this, you save a lot of energy, and of course – reduce the moving costs.

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