Tips for moving with exotic pets

Moving is a big life event, and packing will take you most of the time. All people need to pack clothing, some furniture, electronics, etc. These are ordinary items to pack and move and they are not a big problem. But, what to do if you have a pet and not any type of pet, but an exotic pet, or a couple of them? Moving with exotic pets is not easy and simple, that is why you need some tips.

Know the laws before you move

If you are moving to another state or moving internationally, you should know that some pets are forbidden from moving. You cannot import all exotic pets to a different country, every country has its rules and regulations. It is also a rule for some plants.

  • Before you start preparing your pets, get familiar with new laws and what documentation you need for moving with exotic pets. If you are moving overseas, check with the international moving company about what can you move and what needs to be left home. If you cannot move with your pets, find a new home for them.
  • Besides laws, you should know that some pets can’t handle transportation or living in a new environment. Even if it is legal to move them, it may be no good for their health, which is the most important thing. For example, if your pet love sun and hot temperatures and you are moving to a colder place, it may be deadly, unfortunately.
  • If you will rent a home, check with your landlord if exotic pets are allowed in a house. If they are not, then start searching for a new home.

Calculate the costs of moving with your exotic pets

Moving no ordinary pets won’t be cheap. They need special attention and special transportation methods. There are different types of moving estimates, so calculate your moving costs and be prepared financially too.

Moving with exotic pets to a new home – tips and tricks

How to “pack” and transport your exotic pets to a new home? Their safety and health are the most important things to take care of. Your special little friend needs a lot of attention at this point. Every type of animal needs different care. It is not the same if you are moving a spider, a bird, or a snake.

A snake.
It is not usual to have a snake and if you need to move it, there are some special requirements

All of the animals need to be checked by a veterinarian before moving. Even if you are moving your dog or a cat. Do it about a week before a moving day and get a signed health certificate. Also, ask a veterinarian about recommendations of other doctors in a city where you are moving to.

Reptiles and amphibians

Some of the most common exotic animals people move are reptiles and amphibians, particularly different types of snakes. They can’t regulate their temperature, so it is your job to take care of temperature while moving. A cage or carrier needs to be big enough so they can move inside. Some types of reptiles need a wet environment, place wet sponges in their cages to keep the humidity level high.


Most birds are anxious when their habitat is disturbed, so it is best to move them in their cage. But, what to do if your bird is not typically caged, such as peacock. How to transport these types of birds? In this case, find a container big enough, and your bird can move inside and make sure a container has good ventilation.

A bird.
Birds can get upset when moving

Small mammals

Small mammals such as rabbits or ferrets can be transported in a cage. But, make sure they won’t chew through it. Heat is not their friend, so while transportation, make sure their carriers are well ventilated. Water should also be in a cage, but place absorbent material in the bottom, and when they spill the water, the material will soak up all of it.

Bigger animals

Lamas, horses are not exotic but also they are not usual pets people move. You will need a trailer to transport them to your new place. Rent a vehicle or hire a company to transport big animals instead of you. It needs to have proper ventilation and cover from the outdoor elements.

Pack a bag with essentials for your pets

Provide all the essentials to your exotic pet during moving. Some of the most important things to pack in the essential box to keep your pet happy and safe are:

  • Water
  • Food and snack
  • Enough air in a container

While local movers are transporting your household items, you can focus on transporting your exotic pets. The best is to move them with your vehicle so they can be together with you.

Hiring a company for transporting animals

There are special companies in the USA for transporting animals. If you have a car, the best way is to move with your exotic pet together in a car. If you are moving by plane, that can be very expensive, and some companies won’t transport exotic pets (it is against the company’s rules). So, what to do in this situation. One of the solutions is to hire a moving company that is specialized in moving animals. They can special vehicles where your pet(s) will be safe.

A laptop and a notebook for checking details on moving with exotic pets
When moving with exotic pets, you need to have all documents for transportation

After the move

After the move, create perfect conditions for your exotic pets in your new home. When moving with exotic pets you must think about a period after moving too, especially if they need a lot of light or the exact temperature in a room. Help your pets adjust fast to a new environment and a new home after moving.

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