Must-have tools for disassembling your furniture for the move

Moving is part of life, and usually a complicated one. It requires a lot of thinking, and the bigger the distance the bigger the plan should be. When it comes to packing, usually it is a simple task, you take it, wrap it, pack it. That is the case when you are packing smaller items but when it comes to bigger ones it is not that simple. In most cases, you have a one-way when we talk about bulky furniture. Disassembling your furniture for the move is the best way to cope with this situation but there are some must-have tools for this task.

Prepare and start

One of the important steps when moving is for sure dissembling your furniture and protecting your walls and floor during that. Some pieces are easy, but some are way harder to disassemble without proper tools. There are must-have tools for disassembling your furniture if you want to do it properly and without damaging your items:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Handsaws

Don’t scratch it or dent it

The rubber mallet is a must-have and handiest tool because it enables you to pound on furniture parts without denting or marring them. The rubber mallet is ideal for use in knocking furniture apart. Before you start regluing, for tapping newly glued joints firmly together. Other kinds of mallets can be useful, but you must be very careful with them or you need to secure the surface.

Rubber mallet
Be careful with this one

In the end, we all have an extra screw

Must-have tools for disassembling your furniture for the move are screwdriver because furniture mostly has large screws inside. You can find screws in corner blocks and braces on chairs and tables. You should have a good collection of large-bladed screwdrivers and people usually using a screwdriver that matches the width of the blade to the slot on the screw. A smaller blade than the slot won’t provide the leverage you need to easily turn the screw in or out. Best buy is a matched set of good-quality steel screwdrivers, with handles large enough to allow a comfortable and good grip. There are many cheap screwdrivers available out there, but it is best to avoid these. Good ones, that are a bit more expensive will last longer and provide much more comfort.

Find the perfect tool

Just a little pinch

You should already own the pliers, called slip-joint pliers. Additionally, two other types come in handy. One of them is the long-nosed pliers, for working in tight places. The other one is end-cutting pliers, which you use to pull nails or cut off the heads of nails. Don’t buy either of these immediately. Ask your neighbor if he has them to borrow. Because you will use them infrequently, there will be rare moments when no other tool will do. Try to make your move a cost-effective one.

Take precautions

One of the must-have tools for disassembling your furniture for the move is always a saw. Sawing in restoration and disassembling is small work and requires a smooth cut. The best handsaw for this is a small backsaw or a square-ended saw with fine teeth. A backsaw also can be used with a small miter box to make angular cuts. A splat is a wide centerpiece in the back of a wooden chair, frequently made with eye-pleasing curves. To create a new splat, trace the design on a hardwood board of the proper thickness, then cut along the pencil line.

Be careful and find some help if you need it after providing must-have tools for disassembling your furniture for the move. Carefully handle the heavy parts and the sharp parts. Be precise and patient, and you will be successful in this task.

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