New York neighborhoods that young Australians simply love

If you are a young Australian who is looking to move to the US, there are a few New York neighborhoods that you might want to check out. That is why we want to present to you our top 3 picks that young Australians simply love. The neighborhoods we chose are located in Manhattan, and they include Tribeca, Yorkville, and Nolita.

Tribeca – one of the New York neighborhoods with the interesting name

Tribeca is an abbreviation of Triangle Below the Canal Street and is simply amazing. It lies between West Street, Broadway, Canal Street, and Chambers Street. It is one of the numerous neighborhoods in New York whose names are abbreviations or acronyms. But, the naming of the neighborhood is not the only thing you’ll discover before relocating to this astonishing city. Tribeca, besides its interesting naming scheme also falls in the category of the top 20 New York neighborhoods.

Tribeca is one of many great New York neighborhoods.
Tribeca’s skyline is breathtaking.

After all, there are plenty of reasons for that. As a young person from Australia, you will for sure like the vivid nightlife of the area. Besides that, Tribeca has excellent schools and beautiful historical sites. There are plenty of options for employment, outdoor activities, and caring about your health and fitness. Additionally, the crime rate is below the national average.

Should you decide to move to Tribeca, you will benefit from a rich, vibrant and safe community. Also, you will need a reliable crew that will help you out with the moving process. Don’t worry, you can count on people nearby to help you out to the fullest extent!

Yorkville, Manhattan – one of the most affluent communities

Located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Yorkville is great for young Australians. It offers much more than you can handle and you are going to love it! It is one of the safest NYC communities. Also, it has great schools, lots of different job opportunities, and a huge number of housing opportunities. After you settle in here, the only thing you have to worry about is maintaining your new home neat, which shouldn’t be too hard.

The possibilities that Yorkville offers, are literally endless. If you are concerned about the commute time, don’t be. This area is particularly good because of the diverse options for your daily commute. Also, this area has great service if you decide to move here. You can always count on the excellent moving assistance that is offered. After all, reliable movers are key to a stress-free move, right?

When it comes to New York neighborhoods, Nolita is a must

This list would be nothing if we didn’t mention Nolita. Another example of neighborhood abbreviation, Nolita is an acronym for North of Little Italy. Located in Lower Manhattan, it was regarded as part of Little Italy. Today though, it is known as Little Australia because of the growing Aussie community since 2010.

Nolita is the best of the New York neighborhoods for Australians.
The historic Puck building gives the neighborhood a special vibe!

Just like the two aforementioned areas, Nolita is also in the top 20 New York neighborhoods. But, unlike them, Nolita is the second-best neighborhood for young professionals. Also, since you will meet many fellow Australians here, it won’t be hard to find ways to get around in your new city and neighborhoods. Besides, there is plenty to look forward to here!

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