New Yorker’s guide on moving to Australia

Moving to AU from NY soon? What should you know before this big relocation? You definitely need New Yorker’s guide on moving to Australia because it is a totally different continent. How to pack, transport all the items, how to adjust after relocation, what to expect, etc. It is very handy to have a guide to follow and a checklist when moving, This way your stress level will be lower and relocation will be organized. Moving overseas was never easy, but you can make it easier for you.

Get familiar with a New Yorker’s guide on moving to Australia

How to move to Australia from the USA? Young New Yorkers are moving to Australia because of job opportunities, strong economy, entertainment options, amazing nature, wanting to learn something new, meeting new people, exploring a new culture, etc.

Writing goodbye and rose petals.
If you are leaving NY for AU, be fully prepared for this relocation

Prepare for this big step and change in life, and know-how to relocate with ease. After getting a visa and preparing all the documents you need for relocation to AU, it is time to pack and move using the best supplies you can find on Moving overseas will be emotional too, don’t forget that.

Costs of shipping items from New York to Australia

In every proper New Yorker’s guide on moving to Australia, you can find out what is the average price of shipping items overseas. You can ship items to Melbourne, Sydney, or Adelaide from New York City. For a 20ft container, you will need to pay about $2,950. But, keep in mind that the shipping will last 5 or 6 weeks. So, plan a relocation a couple of months earlier. If you want the process to be faster, then choose air shipping and you will wait only 2 or 3 days. But, you cannot ship too many items.

For packing items for international relocation, you will need the right packing supplies. Buy new and firm moving boxes and other packing material. Packing is a big factor when moving overseas. All the items must be properly packed. Note that adequate material is an imperative, because you don’t want broken or damaged items. 

Expat healthcare in AU

Don’t worry about healthcare because AU has one of the best ones in the world. Even if you are an ex-pat. Get your medical insurance and better be safe than sorry.

Sydney opera house is a part of New Yorker's guide on moving to Australia
Where do you want to live in Australia?

Choose a place where to move to

Gathering all the packing supplies, packing, choosing a house, etc comes after choosing a place where you will live in Australia. It is a big country and the options are endless. But, most New Yorkers choose big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne as their new home.

The first step in New Yorker’s guide on moving to Australia is to choose a location. After all, the rest will come easily with the proper help. The costs of living also depend on the location, but overall, the costs of living are lower here than they are in NYC.

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