Online moving quotes explained

Every moving company wants to satisfy the customers and to exceed their requirements. One of the things customers look for is receiving an accurate, or near accurate estimate, as fast as possible. And there is no faster and efficient solution than the online moving quotes software.

Here’s an explanation of the online moving quotes.

Online moving quotes – What’s to know

So, what online moving quotes mean? Well, it means that you can get the estimated price for your move right away, once you visit the movers’ website. Moving estimate is quite accurate, but that depends on your honesty. So, if you’re completely honest while filling the calculator form, you’ll receive an almost exact or exact price to pay for moving to Australia from Bahrain, for example.

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You don’t have to calculate on your own. Just get online moving quotes.

The difference between non-binding and binding moving quotes

Before you get online moving quotes, you must know the difference between binding and non-binding quotes.

    • Binding estimate ­– So, what are the types of moving estimates? A binding estimate is one of them. It’s a fixed price of relocation. Movers will make an estimate based on the various factors that affect the move. An advantage is a fact that you’ll know the price of your move in advance. But, even if the final moving price is lower than estimated, you’ll have to pay the amount that’s listed in the binding estimate.
    • Non-binding estimate – Thi is a flexible price of relocation. It will help you predict the price of your move. But, once the move is over, you can end up paying more or less than you expected.

How to get a quote?

To get a quote, you must enter the basic information about the relocation:

  • Relocating from and relocating to addresses – The distance affects the price. 
  • The number of the floors, in case there’s no elevator – If you don’t have an elevator, the quote calculator will increase the price for the relocation. This will happen because movers have to take a lot more effort.
  • The home size – The movers’ effort will be calculated in the price, depending on the size of your home. So, a bigger home means bigger price.
  • The moving date – For example, for different dates, you can get different estimated prices for your move.
  • Information about the size of your relocation – You must enter the number of items you want to relocate. Some companies have a list of all the items you could own. 
  • Choose the service you want – Do you want to hire the moving company to do everything, some parts, or only one part of the relocation.
Laptop Hands Typing
Enter basic information about your move and you’ll get a quote.

Once you finish with the calculator, you’ll have two options. The first one is the movers will send you the information. And the second one, you’ll get an email with a specification of everything you chose and with the price you shall pay for such a service.

In conclusion

Getting an online moving quotes has many advantages. It’s is a good starting point, and you’ll be able to compare moving estimates from multiple moving companies. Plus, you’ll save a lot of your time. So, if you plan to relocate, remember to get online moving quotes.

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