Popular Florida places among young Australians

Let’s check out some popular Florida places together. But this time we will be showing you the ones that young Australians picked. Many young professionals and millennials are moving from Australia to Florida. It’s becoming a real trend. This is understandable since Florida is an amazing state, the beaches are beautiful and the weather is great for hot weather fans. Adapting will not be hard since Floridians are pretty welcoming people and very friendly towards ex-pats and the language is the same. In fact, the Australian accent is considered to be charming here. Now let’s check out those popular places and see who can help you out with this kind of relocation (since it’s not just any relocation).

Miami is very popular

This is the most popular place in the whole of Florida amongst young people. Young professionals from all over the world are coming here for job opportunities. So do young Australians and young families. If you plan to move with your family you need to do serious research and find out everything about moving from Australia to Florida with family.   Besides being a great place to find a job Miami has great beaches and some of the most charming suburbs if you prefer living at the edge of the city and working downtown. That can be a great solution especially if you are planning kids soon. Miami is the first place you should check out and the second is West Palm Beach which is the most popular Florida place amongst young Australians.

Miami and the beach
Miami can be a perfect destination.

West Palm Beach is the most popular amongst young Australians

This is a wealthy city in South Florida. Many compare it to Miami because of the growing businesses and high wages. The quality of life in this city is excellent and that’s the reason why many people wish to relocate here. Besides being one of the best places to work or start a business West Palm Beach is also a very safe city and a great place for kids and raising families. Make sure to research West Palm Beach thoroughly and if it looks like this can be your new home – experts are there for you to help you with settling in and starting a new life in this amazing city.

Daytona Beach is perfect for surfers

Surfing is very popular in Australia and so is in Florida. Daytona Beach is a perfect place for surfers. But this city is so much more than that. In February you can witness Daytona 500 NASCAR race which is pretty amazing. People from all over the world are coming here for that. Besides being an eventful place Daytona Beach is a very nice place to live, work or relax and that’s why young people love it here. If you want to relocate from Australia to this part of Florida you will need to make a perfect plan and a good checklist. Of course, you will be needing some help from professionals, but we will talk later more about that. Now, let’s check out the third city on the list of popular Florida places amongst young Australians.

Daytona Beach
Surfers love this location.

Miramar – last but not least

This city is home to approximately six million people and many of them are Australian ex-pats. Miramar is Spanish for sea view and it’s a charming city with some great beaches. Recreation areas are what make this city stand out. If after some research you decide to relocate here (or just visit this city) here is a list of things you should see/explore :

  • Monster Mini Golf and Flamingo Lakes Golf Course
  • Young Art Museum
  • Everglades National Park
  • Big Cypress National Preserve
  • C.B. Smith Park
  • K1 Speed – if you are a go-cart fan
  • Oleta River State Park

Here is a pro tip for you, if you are planning a relocation make sure to start early in the morning!

Some more popular Florida places you should research

We showed you the three most common picks for Australian young crew but there are more places in Flordia that can be great for young ex-pats and you can see here which ones you should research as well :

  1. Tampa
  2. Jacksonville
  3. Panama City Beach
  4. Sarasota
  5. Orlando
  6. Clearwater
  7. Key West
  8. Fort Myers
  9. Tallahassee
  10. Melbourne

Luckily nowadays researching any of the places we just mentioned is pretty easy. Google knows it all. Use all the advantages like moving and packing apps when the time comes for you to relocate.

Moving from Australia to Florida

This is a pretty big relocation. It’s not like moving to a new neighborhood or down the street. You are changing a continent. So, if something is left behind it won’t be so easy to go back and take it. Of course, someone can send you but you get the point. That’s why for this kind of relocation you need to prepare well and do some serious prep. Start by finding out everything you can about Florida and choosing a perfect city for you.

toy airplane
You are going to love this state.

Experts can help

Consider all the factors but the easiest way to relocate is by hiring professional movers. Some of the  Best Movers in Florida can help you when you arrive with the hardest part – unpacking and settling in. We say this is the hardest part because by the time you arrive you will be tired and you will still have a lot of work in front of you (unpacking) and that’s why besides hiring skilled people to help you with your international relocation you should call locals to help you with settling in.

Adapting to Florida as Australian

As we mentioned Floridians are pretty welcoming towards ex-pats and you already know the language (and have a charming accent). The one thing that will help you to adapt to your new home is to settle in and unpack as soon as possible and start by getting to know your new neighbors and the whole neighborhood. When you start feeling homesick – call your friends. There are apps for that.

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