Procedures to follow when shipping goods from US to Australia

Although it is a great place to move to and live Australia is a little secluded. On this island, the continent has strict border control that is sometimes hard to navigate. Primarily, the reason for this is an extra set of rules, regulations, and restrictions that Australia uses. To successfully ship goods or move your belongings in you should get to know these requirements. There are precise procedures to follow when shipping goods from US to Australia. You should get to know them in order to successfully start shipping to Australia. However, you have the option to find the right assistance from experienced transportation and logistics companies that have adequate knowledge in shipping and customs. So, here are a few things you should know.

Australia as an import partner

Australia is proving to be one of the major commercial partners of the US. Over 91% of all imports here are from the US. However, from a geographical standpoint, Australia seems to be a world away. In addition, it is an island that has additional concerns. It must protect its borders and territory to make sure it is safe from diseases, or plants and animals that could jeopardize its ecosystem. This is why shipping and import processes are more complex than in other countries. But, although you can rely on professionals in this field to handle your international shipping needs you should also try to get acquainted with the requirements.

Chalkboard writing know the rules -there are Procedures to follow when shipping goods from US to Australia
Knowing the rules will make your shipping process simpler

There is a lot that goes into this shipping process to Australia. Australia does things differently so in order to prevent any loss of money or goods you have to prepare for the procedures to follow when shipping goods from US to Australia. The first step is to know some of the facts and tips for shipping to Australia. Here are a few facts to go by:

  • Strict customs regulations
  • Long shipping intervals
  • You must pay taxes
  • Additional charges may apply
  • Service providers also have restrictions

Strict customs regulations

Australia has some of the strictest customs regulations that you should be aware of. These are in place in order to protect a unique and self-contained ecosystem here. So any goods that ship to Australia must comply with strict rules, and regulations and must go through strict procedures. This usually means that you must prepare a detailed package of documents that will accompany your shipment. Here you should have a detailed description of the shipment.

This must be in line with the invoice and values of the goods that you ship. Any misstep here may have your goods, delayed, denied entry, or even destroyed. With this in mind, you must also be aware of restrictions regarding the import of pet food, coffee or tea, furs and wool, drugs, meat, fruit, other edibles, and some types of food. You must consult the official lists of restrictions before organizing shipping.

Long shipping intervals

There are only two shipping options to Australia. By airfreight or by cargo ships. Airfreight is the fastest but also the most expensive option. Typically you can have goods shipped within 10 days but it can be expensive. This is why we use air freight for more expensive, fragile items or shipments that are not too large. On the other hand, ocean shipping is far more affordable. However, typically the shipping process can take up to two or three weeks to complete. This is why this method is more suitable for large shipments like cars or other vehicles and machinery.

You must pay taxes

Any shipment must go through the tax office to go through a taxation procedure. You must expect to pay a tax on the value of each item over 1000 dollars. This tax is usually 10% of the value. These taxes add to the final cost of shipping your goods.

Additional charges may apply

In addition, you may have additional charges and expenses. This is connected to your final destination address for shipment. These charges will depend on the service provider and its capacities. Sometimes if the provider does not have the storage facilities for remote area transport your charges may be higher.

Cargo ship
Ocean shipping is cheaper but it lasts longer

Service providers also have restrictions

Keep in mind that your carrier may also have restrictions. This is connected to the rules that shipments to Australia must not pass through certain countries. So, try to find the service providers that offer direct shipping from the US to Australia. Your best bet is to consult  Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage for any information in this regard. Their expertise will keep you don’t the right track.

Shipping procedures

Shipping to Australia is governed by strict laws and regulations. There are precise requirements and directions provided by these laws. In short, there are a few steps to follow in regards to these regulations. Although there are no import licenses there are procedures to follow when shipping goods from US to Australia.

US Importers must register for GST

Also, the importer is applicable for tax payment. There are duties you have to pay based on a set tariff. However, 99% of US goods are not subject to any duties according to this preferential tariff arrangement.

All of the shipments must be accompanied by proper documents

These are presented to the Customs services. To get a formal customs clearance importers must provide a set of documents. The minimal package contains a Customs Entry or Informal Clearance Document (ICD), an air waybill (AWB), or a bill of lading (BLAD). These are also accompanied by invoices and other documents related to the import.

All of the goods that are imported to Australia must be clearly marked

It is done in compliance with the local law. A true description of the goods and the country of origin must be clearly marked. Also, the number of goods you package must be truly and clearly stated. All of the requirements are available from official government websites.

A road train truck
Expenses may be higher for shipping goods from US to Australia

Accurate information is a must

Finally, the importers have a legal responsibility to provide accurate information to the Customs. Also, cargo reporters, importers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, depot and warehouse proprietors, bureau services, owners, etc. can be subject to compliance controls by customs. The importer is also responsible for the verification of the country of origin. So, keep in mind the requirements you must meet and the responsibilities you might have within these procedures.

Shipping to Australia – final thoughts

With proper preparation and professional help shipping doesn’t have to be that difficult. Whether you are moving to Australia for work or importing goods here you can certainly manage the process. Knowing the procedures to follow when shipping goods from US to Australia is a good way to avoid any issues. But also lean on professionals to lead you through and help you out with this process.

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