Should you start over as an expat in Australia?

A lot of people are searching for a new place to call home and the reasons for this are very different. Some are moving because of political reasons, others are moving because they want a better future for their children, some decide to move because of work, and there are plenty of other reasons to leave your current country and move to a different one. And if you were thinking about doing the same, first of all, we want to wish you good luck. Being an expat isn’t as easy as a lot of people would think it is. But this shouldn’t scare you. Especially if you are moving to more developed countries. And one of the most popular moving destinations for expats is Australia. So, if you were thinking about moving to Australia, you might be wondering is it a good idea to start over as an expat in Australia at all. And as professional movers, we know what you need to know before you decide to start over anywhere.

Pros of living in Australia

We can’t tell you whether or not to move to a certain place. But what we can do is tell you about some of the pros and cons of living in Australia. These things will definitely help you when you are making the final decision on where to move. And as we want to start this off on a positive note, we are going to tell you some of the pros of living in Australia first and then you are going to hear about some of the cons. All this information is important when relocating here from the States or anywhere else. 

A person showing thumbs up to start over as an expat in Australia.
There are numerous pros to living in Australia.

Plenty of amazing cities

Australia is a country that has plenty of amazing cities where you could move to and start over. Besides Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney, you can also move to and start over in Canberra, Wollongong, Launceston, Geelong, Newcastle, Perth, and many other amazing cities. Most of the cities in Australia are coastal. This means that almost anywhere you move, you will be living by the coast. And do you know what that means?

You can go to the beach whenever you want

Living in Australia usually means living by the coast because, as mentioned above, most cities were built on the coast. And what this means is that you can go and spend time at the beach whenever you feel like it. The beaches are amazing. You can swim, dive, surf, or just simply relax. You don’t even have to go into the water. There are plenty of beach activities for you to try out at the beach too. And why would this be important for you as an expat? Well, all these things make adjusting to a new place much easier. If you are having fun and keeping yourself busy with fun activities, you will get attached to a place more easily.

The beach in Australia you will visit often once you start over as an expat in Australia.
You can do plenty of things on the beach.

Plenty of job opportunities

If you want to live and work in Australia as an expat, you need to have a living and working visa. After you get those, your new life begins. And we think that Australia is the perfect place. After moving here with Transparent International NYC, you will realize that there are plenty of job opportunities here.

Even though Australia is a developed country, there are still more things to come, and working will always be possible. There are new businesses opening every year. Which means that there are plenty of job opportunities appearing all the time. And if you are thinking to start over as an expat in Australia, this is an amazing thing. This is extremely important for those of you who are moving to Australia with a family. Who knows, you might decide to start a business of your own.

Cons of living in Australia

Now that you know more about just some of the pros, you probably want to hear the bad side of the story in order to get the full picture before you decide to start over as an expat in Australia.

Plenty of insects and reptiles

Yes, Australia has plenty of job opportunities but it also has plenty of insects and reptiles. This can be a big problem for some people. And it becomes an even bigger problem when you realize that a large number of them are poisonous or haven’t even been discovered and studied yet. This means that traveling isn’t as safe as it is in other countries in the world.

But you can also have a bad experience with these creatures in your own home in Australia, not just outside. Plenty of people have had snakes and crocodiles come into their homes. We are telling you this so you don’t end up moving to Australia and not leaving your house ever. But this is just what moving to the southern hemisphere means – plenty of bugs due to very hot weather. But if you don’t end up liking living in Australia, you can always have someone professional transport and take care of your furniture to a different country.

A crocodile.
Australia has plenty of dangerous animals.

The weather can be dangerous

Australia is located just beneath the part of the Ozone layer that is damaged. This means that the UV rays are much stronger in Australia. Some days, it can get so hot that you can cook an egg on your car or the pavement. This can be dangerous for you. If you find yourself outside in the heat, you have to be well-protected and prepared for this. The best way to get around a new city in Australia is definitely by car as that is where you will be the safest.

So, should you start over as an expat in Australia?

You came here looking for an answer but sadly, we can’t give it to you. This is something you have to figure out for yourself. Do this by doing plenty of research online. There are dozens of places where you can get even more information. But have in mind that you won’t regret moving to Australia as there are many more pros than there are cons.

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