Supplies you should purchase before moving from the US to Australia

Relocation across the ocean, from the US to Australia, is the situation for which you need to be well prepared. Moving organization is the most important step and it needs to be flawless. You already know that you need to be well informed before you pack your bags. There are supplies you should purchase before moving from the US to Australia.

Make a detailed checklist

Before you call and arrange your move do the procurement. Relocation is demanding and a hard thing to do, especially when it is a long-distance one. Everything you don’t do properly will cost you some extra money. If you forget something, you will have to pay extra for resending and if you pack too much, you will pay for transport of unnecessary things. Supplies you can’t go wrong with when moving from the US to Australia are:

  • Australian power adapter
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Jet leg remedy
Explore the differences

Different approach

The Australians use a bit different power plug than the rest of the world.  Type I power outlet is one of the lesser-used around the world. To keep your electronics up and running you’ll need to bring a power adapter. We recommend you bring a universal power adapter, try to find one that also has USB ports. Always go for the ones that pose built-in fuse protection. This type of adapter works in almost all countries in the world. When packing your electronics, think about safety. In this case, when thinking about moving boxes, quality materials are a must. The good side of this is that you can reuse those boxes after.

SPF is must

Great Barrier Reef, is one of the most amazing underwater places that nature has created. With this fact in mind, it is of utmost importance for the health of the aquatic environment, that sunscreen you wear is free of damaging chemicals. Some places actually made it mandatory that the sunscreen you wear is reef safe, so you can avoid causing damage to the already fragile ecosystem. You will need to wear sunscreen due to incredibly strong sun and you need to have that on your mind when moving from the US to Australia.

Don’t feel the change

Australia is totally different continent flora and fauna-wise. With all that comes allergens and pollen that are tough to adapt when moving from the US to Australia.  Advisable is to pack some allergy medicine, so you don’t have to spend your best travel days with some red nose and a lot of sniffing. On the other hand, jet lag is a fierce enemy. Especially when you’re from the opposite side of the globe.  It is highly recommended to bring natural jet lag remedies to counter these strange effects.

Nature is beautiful around here

Big no

Besides all these things we recommend to bring and use, there are some things that by Australian laws you cannot bring. On this list are some pretty common items that we will mention here. The list goes like this: Fresh fruits, Live plants, and bulbs, Prohibited and restricted seeds, live animals including pets, unprocessed goods of plants or animal origin. Some of these things you will find pretty strange, but Australia is a whole different and unique ecosystem, and you are not allowed to violate it.

Being prepared and informed is the best thing you can do moving from the US to Australia. Find all those necessary pieces of information and travel without any fear.

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