Taste of Australia in New Jersey

New Jersey is the state of varieties. The population of NJ is coming from all around the world, making a perfect blend of cultures, languages, and foods. One of its parts is surely Australia, the country where a lot of NJ residents come from. That’s why many locals but also newcomers would want to experience the true taste of Australia in New Jersey. In this article, you’ll find out more about it.

Coastal city as the taste of Australia in New Jersey
The coastal lifestyle is surely the taste of Australia in New Jersey.

Taste of Australia in New Jersey – where to find it?

If you’re looking for pieces of Australian culture, you can actually find it all over the state. Also, being close to NYC¬†will tell you more about how big this melting pot of culture is.


Australian food is very unique, yet popular among different cultures. Meat pies, dim sims, pasties, burgers, sausages, etc. are very attractive to Americans. That’s why you can find Australian restaurants all over the state of New Jersey.


Coming from Australia, you probably love spending time outdoors. However, there will be a slight change in terms of your wardrobe, as the climate differs a lot. Australians love the nature and wildlife of New Jersey. However, be careful and find out more about species common in NJ, as some of them are snakes, bears, and coyotes can be very dangerous.

koala on a tree
Wildlife is what everybody loves in Australia, but is it the same in NJ?

Coastal areas

Living on the beach is a regular thing for most Australians. That’s why some of them miss it after moving to another country that has less coastal area. However, in NJ you have easy access to the coast and can enjoy the ocean whenever you want.


Finding the taste of Australia in New Jersey is best when you have the right people around you. The Australian expat community is big, as there are many families and students live in New Jersey. Connecting with them through social networks and local events can give you the opportunity to enjoy Aussie culture even in the USA.

Moving to New Jersey from Australia

Long-distance relocations like this often make people scared and overwhelmed. However, with proper organization and the help of Van Express Movers, everything can go smoothly. Some of the useful tips for moving to NJ are:

  • start early – make plans as early as possible and leave no room for stress, hurry, and mistakes;
  • trust experienced pros – choose a reliable moving company that has a lot of experience with international relocations;
  • get storage – it’s probably you’ll be moving into a smaller apartment in NJ, or moving more than once. In this case, it’s best you get a secure unit for all your belongings until you settle down and find the best place for your new life chapter.
  • prepare the moving budget– making plans in advance also includes preparing your moving budget. Planning your costs will help you not spend more than necessary and spare you any additional stress.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy living in this state. It’s possible to experience the taste of Australia in New Jersey in many places and in many ways, so moving here can be enjoyable for everybody who loves Aussie culture.

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