Texas places that Australians are moving to

A lot of Australians are relocating to the United States. There are plenty of things that make moving to the USA a great idea for Australians. For example, the climate in the USA is not as harsh as it is in Australia. There are plenty of different stats to choose from when moving to the USA. And a lot of Australians are moving to United States are moving to those states that are warmer and don’t have harsh winters. This is because adjusting to a completely different climate can be very hard especially after living in a country where there are more than 50 sunny days in a year and where the temperature is incredibly high.

One of the most popular moving destinations in the United States for people from Australia would be Texas. Texas is a very hot state. But there are cities where cold weather can be experienced. If you want to avoid moving to those cities or moving there is just what you want, you came to the right place. This article is where you can read more about some places in Texas where Australians are moving to. This is also where you will find all the information you need to know in order to move successfully from Australia to Texas.

Living in Australia is great but not a lot of people are willing to stay in one place for a long period of time. Moving to the USA is a great idea if you are one of these people.

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is a city located not far away from San Antonio. It isn’t a big town but not a small one either. This is a place where you have everything you need and so much more. New Braunfels is a great city for moving with a family. There are dozens of great public and private schools. And as Texas is a very diverse state, your children will have no problem fitting in as there are people from all over the country and the world living in New Braunfels.

As you are just moving to Texas from Australia, you won’t be able to purchase and own a home yet. And since this is the case you have to rent a home. But you won’t be renting a home for a long time as housing in New Braunfels is not very expensive. And when the time to move comes, you will easily find professionals in the area who will relocate you from one home to another.

You are also probably interested in housing prices. Renting a home in New Braunfels is very affordable. The average monthly rent in New Braunfels is just around $1,200. This is not a big amount o money to pay on a monthly basis. Especially when you consider the fact that there are plenty of job opportunities in New Braunfels. This is why there are plenty of young people living in New Braunfels and also why plenty of Australians are moving to this amazing town. If you know how to get around the city, you will start loving New Braunfels in no time.

New Braunfels.
New Braunfels is one of the best places to live in if moving to Australia.

El Paso

El Paso is the second city on our list and we are here to tell you more about it. This is a city that is located on the border with Mexico. This means that the climate here is very warm which is why a lot of Australians are moving here. This is the perfect city to move to if coming to the United States for the first time. El Paso has everything you need. There are plenty of fun things to do here which is what makes adjusting to living in the USA after moving from Australia much easier. Moving to El Paso is easy as there is an airport in the city. This would make traveling from Australia to El Paso easier.

You need to learn about this amazing place before moving here as much as you can which is why we are including all this information. And an important piece of information to know before moving is the real estate market trends and prices. And you will most likely be relieved to hear that pricing in El Paso is very affordable. The average housing price in El Paso is around just $155,000.


el paso.
El Paso is a wonderful city.

This is one of the most affordable places in the country which is why there are so many people moving to El Paso. If already thinking bout doing the same, evolutionmoving.com can help you relocate here from Australia in no time.

Cedar Park

The third on the list of places Australians are moving to is Cedar Park. It’s rich in history but wasn’t always as busy of a city as it is now. Founded by a handful of hardworking and determined pioneers who came across countless challenges to build the city that we know today. This is a city near Austin which is a huge plus. You will be able to travel to Austin any time you want. The total driving distance from Cedar Park to Austin is 21 miles or 34 kilometers. You will have everything you need in Cedar Park, that’s why you’ll find it an ideal place to live in. Cedar Park is also known for its highly rated public schools and business environment. It’s also one of the safest cities in Texas according to the annual Texas Department of Public Safety. These are just some of the reasons why moving to Cedar Park is a thing to do. Get a moving estimate and start preparing for the relocation.

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