The best way to pack your garden tools for storage

It doesn’t matter if you are relocating or just about to put items away. When you are about to pack your garden tools for storage, you should look for the best ways to do it. We are talking about these sharp objects, and you must be very careful. There are some tips to help prepare for next spring, and most people that are storing their garden tools need this. This is nothing complicated, you just need to be very precautions because you can either hurt yourself or end up with tools that are not functional anymore.

When you pack your garden tools for storage you should start with the hand tools

Hand tools are smaller and more practical tools when it comes to packing. Most of them are not even sharp or dangerous and you can easily just place them in the same box together. However, there are some hand tools that have sharp endings, and those need to be protected. Sharp part you need to wrap around with bubble wrap. When you do it, you can repeat the process but with the entire tool. It is also better to keep them together with other sharp tools and to put a label on the box so you can be careful with it.

Pack your garden tools accordingly.
Start with hand tools when you need to pack your garden tools for storage.

Now you need to prepare your saws

Since saws are very sharp and can be dangerous, you need to secure them properly so they are ready for storage. It won’t be difficult, but you need to follow each step to do it with success. There are also some ways to save money on packing supplies but the choice is yours if you want to or not. Make sure to bubble wrap the entire saw at least three times. And secure it with a nylon rope. After, we suggest you wrap all the wrapped saws into one moving blanket that you can secure with nylon rope as well. But don’t put more than four saws in one blanket.

When you pack your garden tools for storage, you need to prepare shovels as well

Even though shovels are not quite sharp as the rest of the tools, they still need to be prepared properly. You need to bubble wrap the head of each shovel, and secure it with a nylon rope. The shovels that are the same length you can put in bundles so it is easier to store them together. Just make sure you don’t disassemble them, it will be difficult when it is time to unpack them.

Shovels on the grass when you pack your garden tools for storage
Make sure to separate shovels by their size.

You have to clean your tools before packing

To be able to pack your garden tools for storage properly, you first need to clean them. Without cleaning your tools, they will just rust while in storage. And later on, you will have tools that you won’t be able to use. So make sure to clean and dry each one of them thoroughly so you can keep them safe. Find a complete timeline for storing so it is easier.


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