Things to do before moving from Virginia to Australia for the summer

Australia is one of the best places to live in the world- even if you are from America, your life will improve by moving there. They have a great healthcare system and the highest minimum wage in the world. But before you enjoy your life in Australia, complete the relocation process. Removalists Cairns will tell you about the things to do before moving from Virginia to Australia for the summer.

Apply for a visa before moving from Virginia to Australia for the summer 

Before moving to any country, you will have to apply for a visa, so you can enter and stay there. The same applies to Australia. Since you are moving only for the summer, apply for a tourist visa. How much it will take to get your permit can vary from person to person. Therefore, your best option is to stay in contact with your embassy. Get ready to battle the bureaucratic process by filling in many forms. Since getting a traveling permit can take a while start this as soon as possible. And when you have your visa, you can begin looking for a moving company that can aid with your move to Australia. If you are finding it hard to find someone, try Fairfax Transfer and Storage to see if they meet your needs or consider other options. 

a passport, you will need it when moving from Virginia to Australia for the summer
Getting a visa for Australia can take a long time so start the process first.

Research the cost of living in Australia 

 Even though you are moving only for the summer, how much items cost will help you plan out your budget. The cost of living can vary depending on the city you move to in Australia. But, on average, you should know that Australia is 10 percent more expensive than America. You can go online and find the price of everything you will use in Australia and make a detailed budget. 

Buying your plane ticket for Australia 

Another meaningful item for your to-do list before moving from Virginia to Australia for the summer is getting a plane ticket. Plane tickets to Australia can be costly. Therefore, you should try and save money on them if you can. To save money on a ticket, start looking for them early and compare different companies to get the best price. When you arrive in Australia, visit these places

plane tickets
Before moving from Virginia to Australia for the summer secure an affordable plane ticket.

Find a moving company beforehand

If you moved even once, locally or long-distance, you already know how challenging the whole process is. Moving to Australia is an international move and one of the most difficult relocations. Therefore, you will need professionals to assist you with getting from Australia to Virginia. Here are the things you can do to find the best overseas movers. 

  • First, turn to the people you know in Virginia that moved internationally. They will tell you about the moving company they used and if they are good or bad. 
  • Second, if you have no luck with your friends, go on the internet. Google – international moving companies to Australia. You will get plenty of results when the demanding work starts. 
  • Third, read reviews of the moving companies and make a list of the best-reviewed ones
  • Fourth, contact them and organize an interview to talk more in-depth. 
  • Fifth, on the internet, find out the cost of their services, if they have a license, do they offer insurance and everything you need. 
  • Finally, hire the company with the best rates and who are the most willing to accommodate your relocation needs. 


mover in front of white moving van
Having reputable movers helping you can make or break your whole relocation to Australia.

Deciding what to bring with you to Australia and decluttering 

What you bring with you to Australia is a personal decision, and we can not tell you exactly what you need. But we will advise you on organizing everything to have an easier time with the whole task. To keep organized when purging your Virginia home, you need to have a list of your household items. Grab a phone or a piece of paper and write down everything you own. You can organize your items by type or room – do whatever you like. 

When you have every item listed then you need to make a bring or leave the pile. Separate the stuff into two piles, and your job is almost complete. Now you have to decide what to do with the items you are not bringing with you to Australia. You can sell them if they have no meaning for you or leave your belongings in a safe place until you return from Australia. With a reliable storage unit, you do not have to worry about somebody stealing your stuff. 

Pack before moving from Virginia to Australia for the summer

The final thing to do before relocating to Australia you should pack and give yourself a week or two to complete the task. Since we have already decided what we want to bring with us and dealt with the things we do not need, let’s get into packing immediately. 

Since you are only going for the summer, you will not be bringing that much stuff. Do not buy many cardboard boxes but think carefully about how much you need. Because you don’t need many cardboard boxes, you can buy them in a local store and buy the wrapping materials. 

Put the least important items first in the boxes and suitcases. Because you can use the significant items as soon as you arrive in Australia and do not have to dig for them.

Finally, have an essentials bag that you can bring with you on the plan. An essentials bag should contain a change of clothes, medicine, towels, and toiletries. 

You are ready to move to Australia 

If you do all the things above before moving from Virginia to Australia for the summer, you will not have any problems with your relocation. To be prepared for Australia’s culture, learn how to avoid culture shock.


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