Tips for finding the right office space in Kuwait after relocating from Australia

If you just moved from Australia and are in a search of the right office space in Kuwait, we will help you. The best way to do this is by taking some time and doing all the necessary steps. That’s why we made a guide for you. The one thing you need to do (and hopefully you did this before moving) is learn everything about Kuwait, their laws, and how they do business. The laws and the rules are not the same as you knew them in Australia. For example men and women cant share a toilet. You need to know things like this if you want to choose the right office space.

After you are finished with your research

Now that you are familiar with all the legal aspects and all the rules you need to follow, the next step will be choosing the right neighborhood for your perfect office space. The location is not the most important factor but it still is pretty important. For you, that means more research. Not all cities and the neighborhoods will be good for your business and which city or neighborhood will work best also depends a lot on the business you are in. Let’s take Hawally, for example. This is the best area to live in Kuwait but this is a residential area and it won’t be so great for your office.

An example of the right office space in Kuwait after relocating from Australia
Now you can start searching for your ideal office space.

Cities you should research

Luckily you have us to point you in the right direction. We researched the cities and the cities and we can show you the most popular ones for businesses :

  • Al Ahmadi is the richest and the biggest city so naturally, you should start your research here – this city is a magnet for foreign businesses
  • Al Farwānīyah
  • Another big city – Al Faḩāḩīl
  • Kuwait City – since this is the capital you should look into it because capitals are always good for businesses

We won’t talk more about them because this is something you alone need to decide and see what will be best for you. Or you already have the city you chose and now you want to see how to find the right kind of office space. So, let’s see how to do that and who can help you. You will see that finding the right kind of help is crucial here.

Hiring a realtor

You will need a local realtor even if you are moving your office long distance. Sure you can find a lot online but this is not the same. A local realtor will be able to find you the best possible office space in Kuwait. Since you are a foreigner you will need to rely on experts that are from the area. You can check out real estate websites alone so you can get a better picture of prices but let the search to experts. Just make sure that you tell them all the details and your budget of course. This is the only way for them to find you exactly what you are looking for.

A realtor giving a pen to the client to sign some documents.
Hiring a realtor can make a difference between finding an office and the perfect office.

Things you need to consider in order to find the right office space in Kuwait

  • how many people will be working in the office
  • will you be expanding/hiring more people (make a room for a few more at least)
  • the number of bathrooms/common rooms and such
  • do you need a kitchen?
  • office layout that is ideal for your business
  • the right time for relocation

Those are just some of the questions that your realtor will ask you and we wanted to prepare you. Planning ahead will give you the opportunity to find an office space that will work great for a longer period of time. Unless you are expanding there is no reason why you should need to find another office any time soon.

Websites you should check out

Before we head out to move to your new office, you should see the websites that will be of help now, and after that, you can call Easy Move KW. Search the prominent real estate websites, explore the necessary information, and then start the process of commercial relocation.

Moving to your new office space in Kuwait

When you choose the right place, find the right kind of help, and give it some time eventually you will have a place for your business. The relocation is the next step. To relocate your business you will need some help from the professionals. We are talking about office movers of course. You will have more use for them than you can think. They can also unpack you and settle you in. That way you will be able to start working as soon as possible. Hiring movers is the only way to ensure a stress-free process of relocation.

Two people carrying cardboard boxes.
Packing for relocation can be hard, luckily movers can help you.

Adapting to Kuwait as an Australian

Here is a fun fact for you there are about 1,000 Australians that currently reside in Kuwait. They are employed mainly in the education, IT sector, banking, oil and gas, and security industries according to our research. You will feel a cultural shock at the beginning but after spending some time, learning about their culture, and exploring everything Kuwait can offer you the feeling will go away. You will have a lot of work with looking for the right office space in Kuwait and starting your business and that will distract you a lot. Good luck and hopefully soon enough (and with the right kind of help) you will find office space in Kuwait that works best for you.

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