Tips for organizing a family move from Australia to the United States

Do you plan to move to the USA from Australia? Well, congratulations. Making a big change like this is a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s also an exciting time. You will probably feel a little overwhelmed, however, there’s no need to be scared. You can handle it all, you just have to prepare yourself. So, to help you with the process of organizing a family move from Australia to the United States and making sure everything goes by without a hitch, here are some tips. 

Moving to the United States to get a taste of the American dream is something many Australians have thought about at least once. Relocating to the USA brings a feeling of excitement. But, it also brings feeling slightly overwhelmed because you need to learn how to spot reliable international transportation and logistics companies and start a new life in the USA. So, here’s a guide with tips for organizing a family move from Australia to the United States. Using these tips can make your move go that little bit smoother.  

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These tips for organizing a family move from Australia to the United States can help you.

Tips for organizing a family move from Australia to the United States – Apply for a visa

The first step of any international relocation is figuring out the paperwork. To relocate to the USA you need a visa. So, check which type of visa you’re looking for. There are immigrant visas or green cards or temporary visas to work, study, and visit the USA. Depending on the reason for moving to the United States from Australia, you should apply for the appropriate visa. It will allow you to uproot your life and make the USA your new home. So, begin your research, prepare all necessary paperwork for the visa application, and apply.

Choose where to live

Once you get your visa, it’s official, you’re moving to the United States from Australia. So, it’s time to start choosing where to live. Perhaps, your new home in the USA will be determined by factors such as a job move. But, if you have free choice in the matter, you’ll need to take some time and choose a location that suits your family’s needs and desires. There is a shocking difference in attitudes and culture among different USA cities. So, before you start searching for movers on to help you with the relocation, you need to ensure you and your family will feel at home in your new home. Therefore, take the necessary time and find a location that matches what you and your family need from your new home.

Create a moving checklist

Now, when you’ve figured out where you want to live in the USA, it’s time to start organizing a family move. The best way to do that is to create a moving checklist with to-do things. This will ensure you keep your move on track. Also, this will help you relieve any stress and guide you through the process without too much frustration. So, write down everything you have to accomplish before your moving date along with the packing supplies explained. Having a list of all your tasks in one place will allow you to easily track your relocation progress. You’ll stay organized, remember everything you must do, and take one step at a time.

It’s easier to avoid the stress that comes with the move such as a family one from Australia to the USA when you have some sort of a plan. Ans, for best results, figure out when you should do every task. 

Moving Checklist - Tips for organizing a family move from Australia to the United States
Make a moving checklist when relocating to the USA from Australia.

Organizing a family move from Australia to the United States – Downsize and pack

Downsizing before any relocation is always a good thing to do. But, when it comes to moving from Australia to the United States, it’s strongly recommendable to take this step. You’re moving so far away, therefore you don’t need any unnecessary things. So, get rid of everything you don’t need or use anymore. Consider selling, donating, or throwing away those unnecessary things. Remember that the less you pack, the less you’ll pay. So, make sure you pack accordingly and try to keep it to the minimum. 

When moving in such a long distance, you need to ensure your items are safely packed to survive the long trip. So, here are some packing tips you should follow:

  • Collect high-quality durable packing material. 
  • Immobilize and cushion your items in the moving boxes. Pack your moving boxes to the top and tightly seal them. Label every box properly with its contents and important handling instructions. This is also the best way to settle in quickly because you’ll know where are the items you should unpack first after moving.
  • Make sure you wrap your larger items safely in moving blankets, bubble material, and other adequate protective materials. 

Find trustworthy international movers

Moving across the globe isn’t a job you can do on your own. And help is always welcome, especially if it’s professional aid. That’s why movers that have international movers are life-saver. Moving professionals with knowledge and experience in international relocation can ensure everything goes according to the plan. They can help you organize and execute a successful family move from Australia to the US. Depending on your needs, you can choose the company that offers different services. Here are some moving services you should consider getting:

  • Car shipping. If you want to ship your car to the USA, look for companies that offer international car transportation.
  • Packing services. If you don’t want to pack by yourself, get packing services.
  • Storage services. For all the things you” leave behind when moving to the USA from Australia, consider renting a storage unit. This is a place where they will be kept safe.
  • Furniture moving. If you plan to transport furniture across the world consider getting professional help.
Moving Boxes Man
Find professional help when relocating such a distance.

In conclusion

Once you arrive in your new home in the USA it is time to get settled in. Consider using the best way to get around in a new city. Americans are very friendly people and they are excited by the possibility of meeting someone from the other side of the world. So, don’t worry, you’ll find new friends here fast. 

Luckily, these tips for organizing a family move from Australia to the United States helped you experience a smoother and less stressful relocation process. Now, it’s time to start living your new life. Good luck.

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